With Today’s Challenges – Love Matters

With world events creating so much anxiety and uncertainty, it’s becoming clearer to many of us that people working together with kindness, compassion and acceptance are the missing pieces for resetting humanity’s fast and furious trajectory into separation and division.

It’s also becoming obvious that we cannot create solutions from the same consciousness level that’s creating the problems. We can each take responsibility for raising our consciousness vibration to help draw peaceful solutions. This is an undertaking that calls for kindness, forgiveness and an inclusive love that respects our differences.

HeartMath and many systems use the term vibration in reference to the quality of thoughts, feelings, emotions and attitudes that are generated and influenced by our beliefs, memories, choices, environmental stimuli and more.

For example, you often hear people say, “I had to leave that office, the vibes were so low it was draining my energy, or, “I felt a lift from being in her positive vibration.”

The vibration of our moods, attitudes, thoughts and feelings can rise and fall throughout the day based on our actions and reactions to others, ourselves, or to life’s issues. The vibes we put out vary based on our resilience for balancing our mind, emotions and disposition – especially in today’s dynamic emotional climate.

Part of being human means from time to time we’ll feel lower-level vibrations like being frustrated, angry, disappointed, or sad. But we can also shift out of these debilitating feelings and back into higher vibrational attitudes and perceptions.

Higher vibrations include feelings like love, care, compassion, kindness, appreciation and forgiveness. Anyone who experiences these qualities knows their power to lift our outlook.

Most all of us feel more self-secure when we feel our higher vibrational composure, yet maintaining this in the midst of challenges and stress can sometimes be tough. The good news is that we can learn to lift our vibration to meet challenges by adding more care, kindness and compassion in our interactions.

Unconditional love and compassion are among the highest vibrations of love and are not subject to preconditions, limitations, or requirements of others. They serve the greater interest and benefit of all sentient beings and the environment.

Many people are realizing that unconditional love and compassion are from our higher consciousness potentials with the capacity for healing and attracting solutions for social transformation.

Many of us have personally experienced the benefits of compassion – and more and more people are resonating with this powerful expression of love especially in these times of robust change. Practicing compassion is something we can all do that benefits everyone.

Try these two simple exercises to raise your vibration.

  1. Find a quiet place where, for a few minutes, you can breathe easily, imagining with each breath that your mind, emotions and body are becoming still inside. In this stillness, desire the uplifting feeling you would like to have, and as you breathe, imagine breathing this new feeling into your being for a while. Imagine you are creating it with your breath.
  2. If you’re feeling low, try sitting quietly and imagine radiating love, compassion and stillness into your mental and emotional nature. Self-care is often allowing ourselves to have a low moment without compounding it with self-criticism.

When our light is dim, it helps to give ourselves the feeling of compassionate heart warmth. Even if it doesn’t stop the pain, we know it can help energetically.

You can soon feel a difference when doing these exercises, unless extremely challenged. If it doesn’t work the first time, be patient and simply try again later. Being genuine makes the difference. Practicing for a few days in a row strengthens your capacity to reset unwanted thoughts, feelings and attitudes.

Simple exercises such as these can lift your happiness and outlook more than you may think. Make it fun to consciously raise the vibration of your thoughts and feelings throughout the day to match who you are in your heart of hearts. Watch your spirit lift and the stress accumulation diminish.

These practices especially help to open our heart more in our interactions, which is often the missing piece in our pursuit for peace.

Love matters.

These exercises have been adapted with the author’s permission for this article. Read the full exercises and other helpful suggestions, in the book, Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart.

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