Awakening the Heart of Humanity

Although the pandemic and global protests have created unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety, an awakening of the heart has also taken place. More people are realizing we cannot return to the old normal, rather we need to co-create something new.  There are many levels of awareness and perceptions throughout collective humanity. Our minds may be different based on beliefs, upbringing and life situations, but our hearts can find harmony with each other in a shared existence, if we desire this. 

It’s in the heart that we access the core qualities of love, compassion, care, kindness, forgiveness and appreciation that lift us above separation, judgment and blame. More people than ever have been experiencing and expressing an abundance of these enriched heart qualities over the past few months, recognizing that this is who we truly are. Through intentionally demonstrating these heart qualities in our lives, we have a unique opportunity to continue an awakening of our heart’s natural, compassionate care and desire to create the future together in harmony. Yes, it takes a little energy to practice, but not as much as it takes to recoup from the stress and health problems that accrue from not including our heart’s qualities and guidance in our interactions and choices. 

Many people are feeling convinced that if we return to the old normal, then life’s stepped-up challenges and restrictions will become the new norm. However, more and more people are inclined to believe it’s highly possible that we can create something new. Increasingly, much of humanity is feeling in their hearts that we need to start treating each other and our Earth with more care, compassion and respect. This could become our newest discovery in energy economy (once understood). 

There are enough people awakening to prevent attitudes and perceptions from receding all the way back to where they were before the virus. It’s our individual and collective responsibility to maintain this heart momentum and let it become our baseline for creating and thriving in a world of increased peace, fun and fulfillment. Love can create such things, yet we have to choose it.

Let’s each commit to a practice of replacing standard reactions of judgment, blame and separation with compassion, kindness and cooperation for the good of the whole – and our own peace. Managing our mental and emotional energies, moving with foresight, and putting out more compassion and kindness at this time will help to continue the activation of increased heart energy throughout humanity – a key purpose of the shift that is occurring. Together, let’s seize this obvious, unprecedented opportunity to co-create a new normal – a world in which it’s common sense to be benevolent and cooperate with each other for the highest good of all.