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Clients include: Cleveland Clinic, Walter Reed Military Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, NASA, Stanford University, Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine, and more.

1Getting Started

Reducing stress can be an important part of your treatment plans. The HeartMath approach to stress reduction gets results. Our easy to use techniques and technologies can help your patients and clients learn how to self-regulate the emotions that are often at the source of their stress.

2HeartMath Technologies – emWave® and Inner Balance™

HeartMath’s patented heart-rhythm devices provide immediate visual and audio feedback on the impact stress has on the body. These user friendly products come with a library of helpful information, games and colorful graphics to make learning easy and practice fun.

3Professional Training Programs

Whether you want to learn more about the science behind heart rate variability and autonomic function, interventions and protocols for specific disorders or populations or the best way to teach adults and children how to use our techniques, we have several distant learning programs to meet your needs.

4Support and Educational Resources

In our on-going commitment to support health practitioners, we maintain a library of free professional and patient educational material.


Health professionals in a variety of fields discuss how they are using the HeartMath techniques and technology in their practice with both children and adults. Topics include pain, stress and anxiety, couples therapy, heart patients, trauma, spirituality, pediatrics, and more.

6Military and VA Medical Centers

We are working with the military and helping the military personnel before, during, and after deployment with stress, trauma and reintegration issues. After their service, we are also helping veterans at VA Medical Centers and other veteran organizations. They learn to develop self-regulation and emotional management skills, and also improve cognitive functions.

7Articles and Research Studies

HeartMath has been researching the relationship between stress, emotions and health for more than 20 years. Studies have been done on a variety of topics including PTSD, ADHD, Pain, Anxiety and stress.
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