Heart Empowerment™ Programs to Activate Your Heart’s Intelligence

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Step One:

Begin with The HeartMath® Experience—a free, 90-minute online video program that explains the science of HeartMath and teaches you five techniques for reducing anxiety and stress and bringing heart and mind into coherence.

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Step Two:

Get an Inner Balance. Take charge of how you feel. Measure and improve your coherence with the Inner Balance Trainer’s real-time coherence score.

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Step Three:

Teach HeartMath by becoming a HeartMath Certified Mentor, Trainer, or Practitioner.

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Or, learn to share HeartMath with friends and family by becoming an Add Heart® Facilitator.

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New! HeartMath for Parents™

Balancing Stress While Deepening Family Connections

  • Manage feelings of stress and anxiety to stay connected
  • Support your children to express and manage their emotions in a healthy way
  • Create more productive conversations with family members with less upset

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Work with a HeartMath Certified Professional

Schedule a session with one of HeartMath’s certified professionals and receive personalized guidance in applying HeartMath tools in your life. Thousands of caring, certified HeartMath coaches, mentors, health professionals, and trainers are ready to work with you one-on-one to deepen your heart connection and practice.

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Heart Empowerment™– Uplifting the Human Spirit Series

Free webinars designed to help you navigate through change and uncertainty with ease.

Heart/Brain Sync for Success

Uplifting the Human Spirit: Managing Uncertainty in Times of Change with Howard Martin, HeartMath EVP and Author

How do we turn the uncertainty we are facing into an opportunity for growth? Learn about the transformative power of connecting with our hearts in order to create positive outcomes for ourselves.

Heart/Brain Sync for Success

Uplifting the Human Spirit: Creating Your New Normal with Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., HeartMath President and CEO

What will the new normal be? Join us for insights, inspiration, and effective techniques to help you tune into your heart’s intuitive guidance as you create your new normal.

Free Learning Resources

Add Heart® Podcast

The monthly Add Heart podcast is hosted by HeartMath CEO, Deborah Rozman. She and a guest discuss topics around practical heart-based strategies for navigating life. Episodes end with a heart meditation.

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Add Heart Podcast


Gain insights and inspiration from our additional free resources, including upcoming events and blog articles on health and wellness, stress and anxiety, meditation and spirituality, and performance.

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Technology Training Videos

Video tutorials on how to get started with and understand all the features and functions of your HeartMath Inner Balance and emWave@reg; technologies.

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HeartMath Solution Categories

HeartMath has developed practical solutions for relieving stress and anxiety, improving health and wellness, enhancing spirituality, and improving your performance. Activate the power and intelligence of your own heart and spirit. HeartMath solutions enable you to change what you couldn’t before.

3 Audio Courses from HeartMath Leaders

Join Deborah Rozman, Rollin McCraty, and Howard Martin for these deep and insightful, 3-part courses.

  • “Everyday Intuition”
    A 3-part audio course with HeartMath leaders on how to access the intuitive wisdom and guidance of your heart—and how you can practically do it in everyday life.
  • “Navigating Rapid Change with Emotional Composure”
    A 3-part audio course that helps us understand how we can maintain our poise, composure, and dignity in the midst of emotionally charged environments.
  • “Moving from Stress to Ease”
    New perspectives and skills create harmony between heart, mind, and emotions, transforming everyday stress into productive energy and ease.

Heart/Brain Sync for Success

Heart/Brain Sync for Success

Sync your brain AND heart and you will find your intelligence expands and your intuition increases, making it easier to achieve success. Our 10-session, video-based online course teaches you how to quickly balance your heart rate rhythms using HeartMath’s coherence technology (not included) and sync these rhythms with your brain…then with your primary goal for the year.

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Enjoy our heart-focused tips, stories and techniques.
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