Care Focus: Putting Love into Action

Putting Love into Action

We are all deeply affected by the suffering of people from the wars in Gaza and Ukraine and the armed conflicts in Darfur, Haiti, and elsewhere. Our deepest compassion goes out to all who are enduring violence, displacement, famine, and fear.

We all can make a difference by energizing the global heart awakening. This can help shift the trajectory of separation and hate with the transformative power of love and kindness. The increasing political and societal polarization creating separation, even among friends and family members, is calling for us to better understand each other’s needs and concerns. Deeper listening with care can help with this.

Increasingly, more people are realizing that the warmth of kindness and care is needed for people to get along with each other. Increasing our care and genuine connection raises our vibration to access higher choices and actions that benefit the whole. This helps raise the planetary energetic field, which helps lift human consciousness to make it easier for more of us to connect with the heart’s intelligent guidance.

Practicing heart qualities, such as compassionate care, kindness, appreciation, deep listening, and forgiveness, cultivates an inclusive love that respects our cultural and personal differences. If even a small percentage of us commit to practicing compassionate understanding, the heart can go viral across the planet. As we write, more and more people are becoming aware that the planet is in a serious drought from the lack of heart energy. It’s time for love to hit the street. That is the awakening.

The Global Field Environment

GCI is demonstrating — through a Worldwide Network of Magnetometers, Random Number Generators, and Tree Monitoring Sensors — that we are all far more interconnected with each other, nature, and Earth’s magnetic fields than previously understood. Earth’s magnetic fields interconnect and distribute information to all living beings and organisms on our planet — that’s why it’s important for each of us to feed the energetic field environment with love and compassion. This will help offset the stress waves, create a viral momentum of heart awareness, and lift the consciousness of humanity.

The vibrations of our moods, attitudes, thoughts, and feelings rise and fall throughout the day, based on our actions and reactions — especially in today’s dynamic emotional climate. The “vibes” we emanate to others and into the environment vary based on our mind, emotions, and disposition. An easy way to maintain a higher vibration is to practice going back to the heart when we get triggered or feel stressed and then interweave qualities of love, care, kindness, appreciation, or compassion into our interactions. That’s putting love into action. Anyone who experiences these heart qualities recognizes their transformative value.

Most of us know that love is the missing piece, but still, to break the inertia, we have to step into it to move forward. After a week of practice, it gets easier, especially as we start to experience the benefits. During these times, remember to have compassion for yourself, as most of us are doing the best we can based on our situations while the planet is going through heightened intensities.

Care Focus: Putting Love into Action

  1. Center in the heart and breathe love and appreciation. This warms our heart and increases coherence in our heart’s intention.
  2. Breathe easily and imagine with each breath that your mind, emotions, and body are becoming still inside. This helps with focus.
  3. Next, visualize more of humanity connecting with their heart’s love, kindness, compassion, and respect in their interactions to reduce separation and draw in new solutions that serve the greater whole.
    As the collective heart awakens, this can eventually transform the civil unrest from separation and clear the way for people to get along with each other — a first step toward creating a better and more harmonious world.
  4. Now, let’s radiate our inclusive love and compassion to all who are suffering throughout the planet from wars, famine, and many other hardships. Let’s remember to send focused care and compassion to help ease the suffering of people in Gaza, Israel, Ukraine, Darfur, and Haiti.

You can continue to do the Care Focus, if convenient, after the full moon period, as this will help raise the vibratory rate of the personal and collective field environment.

Thank you for your participation in this Care Focus.

GCI Steering Committee and Staff