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Introducing our most advanced sensor and app:

The Inner Balance Coherence Plus


The New HeartMath® App

Unlock a more joyful, peaceful, and confident you!

Heart rate variability (HRV) biofeedback helps you access a healthy and high-performance state called heart coherence which balances your mind and emotions. This helps prevent stress and clears your thinking for more effective choices.

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Measuring HRV & Coherence

Our heart rate is always changing, creating a pattern. These heart rhythm patterns, also called “heart rate variability” (HRV), are a powerful window into our health and emotional wellness.

Feeling Stressed
When we are out of sync (stressed, frustrated, anxious, etc.), our heart rhythm patterns are jagged and chaotic.
Feeling Grateful
When we are in sync (composed, easeful, grateful, etc.), our heart rhythm patterns look like smooth sine waves.

We can learn to change our heart rhythm patterns to change how we feel and perform.

The HeartMath app translates your heart rhythm patterns into a real-time coherence score that you can use to build your heart coherence.

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Leverage Cutting-Edge
Heart-Brain Science

Use HRV biofeedback and a real-time coherence score to synchronize your heart and brain.

Guide yourself into more
balance and harmony

Watch your heart rhythm patterns (HRV over time) and score change as your coherence increases.

Activate meaningful change in your life
with thoughtfully curated experiences

Power up your day first thing in the morning
Access intuition to enable better decisions
Transform moments of frustration and stress
Navigate rapid change with more ease and effectiveness
Release the day's tensions for better sleep
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Expert-led Journeys
help you create sustainable change
one step at a time

Each step leads you through a lesson, a practice, and a practical plan to apply what you learn to improve your life.

Deborah Rozman, Ph.D.
President and CEO
Howard Martin
Executive Vice President
Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.
Director of Research

Easy-to-learn Practices you can use on the go anytime, anywhere

Creating hope for the future
Cultivating patience, gratitude, kindness, and more
Reducing worry and anxiety
Getting along with each other
Finding inner stillness
Pursuing our purpose
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Deepen your understanding with
Courses & Audiobooks

“The Heart Intelligence book is an impeccable representation of what we all innately believe to be true: the brain may think but the heart knows.”

Dr. Joe Dispenza

“Profound insights to access the intuitive intelligence we each need to make our highest choices during these changing times.”

Lynne Twist

“For bio-hackers, performance junkies or anyone interested in a better life, the ideas in this book are critical.”

Steven Kotler - NY Times bestselling author of "The Rise of Superman"
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Studies conducted with over 14,000 people have
shown improvements in mental & emotional
well-being in just 6-9 weeks.


How HeartMath Is Used Around the World

Click each picture to learn more about how HeartMath is used in that sector.
Tap the scroll arrows to explore the many sectors of society we serve.

Prevent and relieve stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

Heart coherence softens and reduces the effects of chronic stress and anxiety, filling your life with more calm, joy, and inner security.

Cultivate emotional balance, clarity, and compassion in your relationships, career, and life.

Heart coherence helps you understand the language of your emotions and enhances intuition — strengthening your ability to navigate life effectively.

Have more energy throughout the day.

Stop draining your energy with depleting reactions to life's stresses — instead, learn to quickly recharge your energy reserves so you can enjoy more of what's meaningful and important to you.

Access deeper intuition.

Tuning in to your heart's wisdom creates a profound inner shift, giving you a chance to create (not wait) for your fulfillment.

Uplift your life and the lives of others.

Live a heart-based life infused with more care, connection, compassion, hope, and other renewing heart qualities.

Hours of Coherence Training

Guided Techniques

  • Heart-Focused Breathing™
  • Quick Coherence®
  • Heart Lock-In®
  • Attitude Breathing™
  • Compassionate Latitude
  • Cut-Thru®
  • Inner-Ease™

Guided Journeys

  • 7 Days to Greater Coherence
  • 7 Steps to Greater Brain Fitness
  • 5 Days to Less Stress
  • 5 Days to Adding Heart to Meditation and Mindfulness
  • 4 Days to Better Sleep

Video Learning

  • The HeartMath Experience (9 modules)
  • Transforming Stress
  • What Do You Do When (4 videos)
  • Ask the Scientist (7 videos)
  • Understanding Coherence
  • Add Heart Facilitator (5 modules)

Full-Length Audiobooks

  • Heart Intelligence
  • The HeartMath Solution

Heart-Based Living Practices

12 Tools

  • Attitude: Shifting Our Perspective
  • Inner Dignity: Aligning with Our Higher Purpose
  • Ease: Creating More Balance & Flow
  • Objectivity: Resolving Issues
  • Stillness: Managing Our Energy
  • Love: Expanding Our Capacity to Love
  • Anchoring: Help in Transformation
  • Coherent Communication: Creating Deeper Connections
  • Compassionate Latitude
  • Forgiveness
  • Humility: For More Peace
  • Patience

10 Practices

  • Creating Hope for the Future
  • The Importance of the First Few Minutes of Your Day
  • Making Better Choices
  • Prep for Desirable Outcomes
  • Making Good Use of “In-Between Time”
  • Spot Check: A Quick, Conscious Self-Assessment
  • Worry and Negative Projections Impair Important Decision-Making
  • Getting Along with Each Other
  • On Pursuing Our Purpose
  • Together, We Can Change the World
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Ergonomic, lightweight design for comfort and ease of use

HRV accuracy with 500 Hz precision
Advanced photodetectors
ensure best-in-class signal quality across all people
Engineered to last
with stainless steel clip and strong, PC-ABS thermoplastic
Bluetooth compatibility with iOS and Android devices
Compatible with all HeartMath apps
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“It (HeartMath tech) has helped me to gain focus, improve productivity, elevate mood, and improve my communication and connectedness with my colleagues, clients, and family.”
A. Showalter
Colorado Springs, CO
“HeartMath techniques and meditations have allowed me to unlock access to portions of my true self I never knew existed. The day-to-day 'grind' of life no longer feels like a grind but a gift that I get to experience. Amazing how the physical situation hasn't changed, only the internal situation, and happiness flows with it.”
J. Oldach
Lawndale, CA
“Ten years ago, I was running a business that I hated. I was stressed out, miserable to be around and desperate for a life change. I was hoping for a way out of the business and something quick in regards to vocational change. Instead, it was a small, simple device that helped me see a different way. … Slowly but most surely, I found that my response to stressful situation, employees, difficult jobs began to changed. In time, I realized that I could make the transformation in my life simply by moving in a different direction. …Learning to center our direction and purpose on the heart is a gentle but true life changer.”
Seattle, WA