Special Care Focus 2 – Rise of the Human Spirit

We are providing a Special Care Focus 2 because people are asking us for our insights into the higher values of the coronavirus for humanity and for more helpful suggestions on what they can do.  

The coronavirus pandemic is awakening multi-millions to the reality of our interconnectedness. The virus doesn’t discriminate race, nationality, religion, political beliefs or financial status. We are all in this together, which can turn out to be the bright side of it all. Millions are isolated by “shelter in place” or separated by “social distancing,” yet sensing that it’s now time to care for each other more than ever. At the same time, people report feeling lonely in social isolation but using the time to slow down, go deeper into reflection, and reach out online to connect with family, friends and social groups. Collective online participation of people sharing and sending heart and compassion lifts our spirit while boosting our confidence, immune system and resilience.

The rise of the human spirit is in the air, along with high anxiety and insecurity from uncertainty. That’s understandable. As individuals and countries collaborate, while releasing blame and separation, humanity will increasingly realize the power of collective heart intention for drawing to us the best outcomes for present and future situations.

 Many people are sharing that they strongly sense from within, that life is calling for the next level of care and authentic connection with each other. Caring and heart-felt interactions help to offset stress accumulation from anxiety, fear or panic, while clearing our mind for effective reasoning, especially when confronted with health, financial or other challenges.

Increasing our kindness, compassion and cooperation will eventually be realized as highly intelligent and efficient street sense, not just spiritual disciplines. The new spiritual is to bring these qualities of the heart to the street in our interactions with each other. Most of us feel we want more harmonious interactions, but we have to step into it with our heart’s intention in order to change the old habit imprints. We can, and will, eventually do this — it’s who we are. Sometimes life nudges us more firmly to step into choices that are the best for us and the whole. Our hesitancy is part of the old human nature, yet we are moving into the new natural as the collective heart of humanity continues to open.

Compassion, helpfulness and cooperation feel natural in our present challenges. That’s because they are natural to us. The objective for humanity is to sustain this genuine care without needing stress to remind us. This will activate next level consciousness. The door is wide open for a fresh start. Solutions are within our hearts. Caring for each other is what increases the connection with our heart’s intelligent guidance and solutions – a secret that’s been hidden in the open all along.

Care Focus – Rise of the Human Spirit

 (1 thru 5 can be used together or do a different one each day for as long as you feel. This can be helpful anytime.

1. Breathe feelings of peace and love through your heart area for a few minutes to set a calm and genuine tone.

2. Feel your heart connecting with others who are sending compassionate care to all who are suffering the challenges of this virus. See the power of the collective amplifying the effectiveness of your care.

3. Let’s send our most sincere appreciation, love and compassion to all the front-line providers and those helping behind the scenes while risking their lives. See them surrounded by love, compassion and resilience as they serve selflessly.

4. Now, envision the coronavirus inspiring deeper connections among people and more harmonious cooperation for the good of the whole. See humanity transitioning into the crucial importance of love, compassion, cooperation and heart-felt service, for creating the new world that we now stand at the door of.

5. Let’s close by radiating love and compassion into the planetary field environment, seeing our collective heart energy easing and softening the mental and emotional impact of the coronavirus. Desire the highest best for people who have passed away and send the people who lost loved ones your deepest compassionate care and heart warmth for herein lies the most suffering and pain.

Let’s remember that loving and taking care of each other is the significant next step for magnetizing the needed solutions for personal, community and global well-being. It’s Heart time on the planet – humanity is just waking up from a deep extended nap.  The hope for new is in the air and being increasingly felt by many of us.

Doc Childre 

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Adapted with permission. Originally published by the HeartMath Institute for the Global Coherence Initiative Care Focus.