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March 16th
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Add Heart Calls are free live events to inspire the value of connecting with our heart’s suggestions and guidance for learning to balance and enrich our personal life and our day-to-day experiences and interactions.

Each call highlights a restorative heart quality and how to apply it to empower your life and especially prevent stress overload.

The calls are 30 minutes and draw on 25 years of scientific research, HeartMath books, HeartMath techniques and time-relevant practices.

We close every call with a heart meditation to create a reservoir of collective heart energy that supports each individual’s intentions for the next 30 days.

Live calls are on the 3rd Tuesday each month at 11am Pacific Time, and recorded for later listening.

“The Add Heart Calls have been like a lifeline to me in these challenging times. Alone, it was taking me longer to get coherent and I felt wobbly during the day. When we join together in a Heart Centered Meditation and send Heart to our loved ones and to the world, I feel the love, the support and the strength of our HeartMath community. I am not alone and I know we are making a difference in the world!” – Carolyn

Next Call
March 16th, 2021

Deborah Rozman

Host: Deborah Rozman

As the President and CEO of HeartMath Inc. Deborah is passionate about accessing the heart’s intelligence at work and in all aspects of life. She is deeply inspired by the power of the collective heart, and that together we can create an energetic lift — supporting each other to become our better self. As a behavioral psychologist, Deborah also enjoys educating people on how heart intelligence can transform anxiety, stress and overwhelm, and empower us to see “the bigger picture”. Deborah co-authored several HeartMath books with Doc Childre, including Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart. She speaks throughout the world about a heart awakening happening on the planet, and tools to navigate through these challenging times with more ease and flow.


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Add Heart to Care and Connection

16 February 2021

Reducing separation, divisiveness and fear through the power of the heart

From one perspective it may seem as though the human race is more divided than ever. 2020 was a year of events that amplified racial and political separation. And the global pandemic forced much of the world’s population into physical separation, creating divisiveness and fear. These and other global challenges are awakening many more people to the realization that we finally have to cooperate and care more to find solutions.

A desire for more caring and cooperative interaction is increasing all over the planet. Deeper compassion, care, kindness and cooperation are powerful energies of love that connect us to each other. Broadcasting or radiating these transformational heart energies into the field of consciousness helps to accelerate the cooperation and unity needed to find solutions.

Our understanding of the intelligence and effectiveness of the power of the heart is in its early stages—yet it’s on the rise due to increasing stress and a desperate need for solutions that the mind cannot deliver without the heart.

During this month’s Add Heart Call, our host Deborah Rozman, HeartMath President and CEO, and her guest Claudia Welss, Chairman of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, will talk about the global movement toward deeper care and connection.

They will share ways we can each broadcast or radiate love into the energetic field environment to create more care and connection in our personal lives and help the planet at the same time.

You’ll also hear about a growing global initiative that is empowering people to connect with their hearts and the hearts of others—to live more fully from the heart and to add more heart to the world.

We’ll close with a heart-focused meditation to add heart to deeper care and connection and to our personal commitments for greater compassion and love.


Add Heart to Help Raise the Planetary Vibration

19 January 2021

Most of us have experienced being near someone whose energetic vibration or presence helped us feel more comfortable and at ease. Now, research is helping to explain how our vibrational energies, especially our moods and emotions affect others, as well as this discovery’s implications for humanity.

During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, when virtual meetings and physical distancing are expressions of care, new research is indicating how we can energetically support and lift each other’s vibrations and the planetary vibration even though we are apart.

Join Deborah Rozman and her guest, HeartMath Institute Director of Research Rollin McCraty, PhD, who will discuss exciting research findings on how heart-to-heart synchronization can occur between people located miles apart and without phone or online contact. They will also discuss new findings on how our heart’s rhythms can synchronize with the resonant frequencies in the Earth’s magnetic fields. One implication of this interconnectivity research is that synchronized heart energy can potentially help raise the planetary vibration and lift human consciousness.

Rollin McCraty will also talk about how collective heart-focused intention (such as what we may help create in these Add Heart Calls) might foster a reservoir of coherent heart energy that can redirect planetary consciousness toward harmonious solutions.

We will close with a heart-focused meditation to energize our intentions to add more heart to increase our personal and social coherence, and help raise the planetary vibration.


Add Heart to Uplift Your Spirit

15 December 2020

As we look back on 2020 and prepare for 2021, we know that our world is different now and changing in unpredictable ways. This is leaving many people feeling anxious, depressed or fearful of the future. At the same time, more people are realizing the importance of connecting with the attributes of their heart and its intuitive guidance for uplifting their spirit and bringing new perspectives for effective choices.

In our Add Heart Call, our host Deborah Rozman and her guests, HeartMath LLC Executive Vice President Howard Martin and Chief Strategy Officer Owen Ward, will share how they and the HeartMath team used the power and intelligence of their hearts to uplift their spirit as they navigated the often tumultuous ups and downs of this past year.

Howard, Owen and Deborah will describe how using tools like the power of neutral, higher dignity and wholeness-inclusive care along with their heart’s intuitive guidance created what we call “turn-arounds.” This uplifted their perceptions, prevented much energy loss and magnetized new opportunities.

Learning how to uplift your spirit and draw in new perceptions, ideas and solutions in the face of challenges is a powerful skill that we each can practice as we begin 2021.

We’ll close with a heart focused meditation to energize our heart-powered intentions to create new opportunities for a new year.


Add Heart to Appreciative Inquiry

17 November 2020

The holidays are approaching and people are rethinking how to celebrate, given the pandemic and increasing stress levels. One powerful and effective way we can support our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being is to practice sincere appreciation for the good things in our lives that we value. Appreciation has two meanings: a feeling or expression of admiration, approval or gratitude; and to increase in value.

This month, our Add Heart Call host and HeartMath President, Deborah Rozman, will talk about appreciation as a powerful core heart quality that can quickly uplift us and those we care about. Deborah’s guest, Jon Berghoff, will share a process called Appreciative Inquiry that we can use during virtual or in-person holiday gatherings as well as at other times, in any conversation that allows for wisdom, intelligence and strength to be unlocked together.

Jon is the founder of the XCHANGE Approach, a scientific approach to unlocking collective wisdom in any group. Appreciative Inquiry is a process for searching for the best of what was, is or could be within any individual, family, group or organization. It means noticing aspects of experience in ways that bring more value to conversations and bring out the best of what’s available within each of us.

We’ll close with a heart-focused meditation to energize our intentions to add more heart to our own appreciation and reap the benefits during the next month.

A little more about our guest:
Jon is the founder of the XCHANGE Approach, a scientific approach to unlocking collective wisdom in any group. These are extraordinary times calling for exponential conversations. This is why innovative leaders have come to XCHANGE as the solution for bringing together companies, communities and customers in powerful ways, including a method called Appreciative Inquiry. Jon studied under David L. Cooperrider, who created the Appreciative Inquiry approach at the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University.


Add Heart to the Power of Neutral

20 October 2020

There’s so much happening in our world on many different fronts. Current events and issues are exposing divisiveness, polarized perceptions, truths and non-truths. It’s all swirling around like energetic cyclones wreak havoc on our emotional and mental resilience.

Many people are recognizing the way to find greater discernment and more ease through these times is by committing to the daily renewal of heart qualities – increasing our care and kindness, extending more compassion and understanding, and deepening our connection with our own heart and with others.

In this Add Heart Call, our host, HeartMath LLC President Deborah Rozman. and our special guest, HeartMath Certified Trainer Sandy Travis, will share one more heart quality that’s important to practice during unpredictable times: using the power of the heart to access a state called “Neutral” to maintain an active calm that builds our resilience capacity.

Stress accumulates and depletes our resilience. When we’re low on resilience, we are more susceptible to adding drama to issues we don’t like or agree with. This creates an energy drain, compromising our mental/emotional balance and health.

Learning how we can employ the power of neutral for more discernment is key to handling today’s challenging and polarizing times with more ease and inner balance. Neutral helps to free us from biases and “knowing what we know” to bring in more objective clarity. It enables us to better discern facts from emotionally fueled misinformation. Resting in neutral in the heart opens the door to seeing new possibilities.

Deborah Rozman will share how the power of “Neutral” has been invaluable throughout her nearly 2-month evacuation experience as a result of recent California wildfires. She’ll talk about how during a crisis, using the power of neutral enabled her and others at HeartMath to more effectively sort incoming data and information as the situation unfolded.

Sandy Travis is a seasoned international HeartMath coach and trainer that works with diverse corporate environments and international organizations. She has presented numerous opportunities that validated for her how practicing Neutral brings more objectivity and clarity and builds heart power and resilience.

We’ll close with a heart focused meditation to energize our intentions to add more heart to our practice of Neutral over the next month of political and global changes and to areas of our personal life where practicing Neutral could give us more objectivity and less energy drain.

More About Sandy Travis:

Sandy’s career spanned the globe with international clients such as the African Development Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Sri Lankan Business Development Center, projects for the United States Agency for International Development, and clients in South Africa and England. Using her expertise in negotiation, creativity and working with high-performance teams, she has served clients in the forest products, aluminum, aerospace, tourism and banking industries. She is a HeartMath Certified Trainer and has been practicing HeartMath® coherence building techniques for over a decade. She has now made HeartMath tools and technology her primary focus for her coaching and consulting with individuals, teams and organizations.


Add Heart to Children and Families Returning to School

15 September 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many unexpected changes for all of us, including our children. The experiences of sheltering in place, isolation, virtual learning and ongoing uncertainty have created anxiety for children and parents alike. In addition, the typical summer activities our kids look forward to all year were significantly altered due to pandemic-related shutdowns and community mandates.

As the school year opens in its various forms, parents and children of all ages continue to experience anxiety and depression that need heart support.

Our Add Heart Call guest, Dr. Jorina Elbers, MD, is a neurologist who specializes in pediatric neurology. Formerly an assistant professor at Stanford’s Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, Jorina is the director of the Trauma Recovery Project at the HeartMath Institute, helping to develop a trauma recovery program. Jorina is also the mother of 2 young boys and is struggling with homeschooling and virtual learning for her children, just as so many parents are during the pandemic.

Jorina and our host Deborah Rozman, PhD, who is the HeartMath CEO and a behavioral psychologist, will discuss how parents can find balance during these times and can recognize signs of distress in their children, as children are especially sensitive to what their parents and caregivers are feeling. They’ll also offer suggestions on how to help children when they’re feeling stressed, anxious or sad.

We’ll close the Add Heart Call with a heart-focused meditation to add heart to children and families, helping create an energetic heart environment of love, security and stability to help people navigate these times with more ease and balance.


Add Heart to What’s Making a Difference

18 August 2020

Many people are feeling a heart prompting to make a difference in their communities – and ultimately the world. We want to contribute to a sustainable shift that reflects the true values of heart-based living.

We’re grateful to have James Miles, PhD, an expert in community engagement working to heal and empower African American communities, as our Add Heart Call guest. James and Deborah Rozman, our Add Heart Call host and HeartMath CEO, will be discussing what’s working and already making a difference in communities that need to heal and overcome separations and inequalities.

James has found real change requires a change of heart, not just a change of regulations and topical adjustments. He will share inspiring stories from his work with inner city youth and adults.

At first, a change of heart may sound a bit soft or even impossible, yet James has found that integrating tools and methods to access the heart’s intelligence facilitates sustainable change. James and Deborah will talk about the heart and its intelligence as necessary street smarts for all community environments that want to thrive.

Ultimately, for people of different races, religions, and beliefs to finally move beyond historical separations, the heart will provide the needed guidance and intelligence for all people to harmoniously interact with each other and co-create new solutions.

We’ll close with a heart-focused meditation that can help each of us identify how we can show up within our own communities and contribute to making a sustainable difference.

More About James Miles:
James has integrated HeartMath’s emotional self-regulation and resilience tools into the work he is doing to heal and empower African American communities. His work has presented him with opportunities to help communities transform racial discrimination and promote sustainable approaches to community engagement, development, wellness, and resilience.

James is a senior partner in the Resilient Communities Initiative. He is also a HeartMath Certified Trainer and serves as a senior strategist and evaluator on the leadership team of the Multi-Faith Veterans Initiative at DePaul University, a consultant to the Northern Illinois Public Health Consortium, and a nonprofit leadership certificate program trainer for the University of Chicago, and he conducts participatory research focused on community engagement, wellness, and African Diaspora citizenship.

His professional experience includes the design and launch of community economic development collaboratives. He has held positions from enterprise systems analyst and program manager to chief operating officer and management consultant. Dr. Miles has successfully led business performance management programs, university accredited-program conversion initiatives, faith-based community economic development initiatives, international cross-cultural exchanges, triple-bottom-line business sustainability initiatives, and stakeholder training programs.


Add Heart to Help Heal Communities

21 July 2020

During this unprecedented and challenging time, it’s become more important than ever to Add Heart, to help ease the separations and promote healing.

More people are feeling that it’s both essential and highly possible to co-create a world in which treating each other with more kindness, compassion and respect is common sense.

Michael Nila, this month’s Add Heart Call guest, will share his experience and what he thinks it will take for communities to start healing from long-standing divisions and injustices.

Michael is the managing partner of Blue Courage, facilitating The HeartMath Institute in bringing HeartMath’s tools to police departments and community service agencies. He re-engineered police departments from being traditional police agencies into community-oriented departments. Blue Courage focuses on the heart and mind, which represent the foundation for making good decisions and enhancing one’s capacity to serve honorably.

Communities across the nation and abroad are calling for new strategies and policies that will bring people together and respect and honor cultural diversity. Michael will share how this co-creation process might work and why adding heart can help.

Our host, Deborah, will lead us through a heart meditation to Add Heart to the healing process of all communities and to the necessary changes that will help to bring our communities together in compassionate cooperation.

More about Michael Nila:
Michael is the 2016 recipient of the Attorney General’s Award for Meritorious Public Service and the HeartMath Institute’s Humanitarian Heart Award, in recognition for improving the health and well-being of policing through resilience training.

Working with communities nationwide, Michael has trained and certified thousands of employees, executives and trainers for notable organizations and law enforcement organizations worldwide, including the U.S. Department of Justice, the United Nations, the military, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.


Add Heart to Community

16 June 2020

The past few months the pandemic and recent protest demonstrations have illuminated the importance of community and also where healing and cooperation are needed within our communities. Love, compassion, kindness and cooperation have been sparsely represented in our collective social consciousness for far too long. These transformative qualities of heart need to be more than spiritual ambitions, they need to become our new normal and adopted as practical street sense.

In many ways, the pandemic and the demonstrations have inspired us to reach out and care more, be vulnerable about what we’re experiencing, and realize how grateful we are to have each other. Now we’re being challenged to expand this active heart to the wider global community of all people.

In our hearts, we know we’re all connected. The hope for the future is to act on this deeper experience of heart connection and realize that if we care, we can all get along and help each other.

In this month’s Add Heart Call, we’re focusing on the new emerging values of community and how we all play a role in sustaining active heart and understanding for the whole community to co-create the highest best future for everyone.


Add Heart to Easing the Pandemic

19 May 2020

Many countries and states in the USA are easing restrictions and allowing businesses to reopen, while others are still under lockdown or “sheltering in place” to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The financial consequences have been devastating. At the same time, health care workers on the front lines are concerned about a second wave of COVID-19 patients if restrictions are eased too soon.

In this special Add Heart Call, join HeartMath Inc CEO Deborah Rozman and Gayle Novack, Chief Nursing Officer and Incident Commander for Emergency Services Management at Ascension St. John Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, a COVID-19 hot spot. Deborah and Gayle will discuss the challenges we all face now during this stage of the pandemic.

Gayle has been a registered nurse for 49 years, having always worked in acute care hospitals. Much of her service has been in clinical leadership. She will share how HeartMath’s Resilience Advantage™ tools are helping health care workers. She will share stories from the front line and how health care workers are utilizing HeartMath techniques to help themselves and COVID-19 patients – techniques we can all use to maintain emotional poise and resilience during these times.

We will close with a heart meditation to send our compassion and appreciation to health care workers for their selfless care. We will also continue to fill a reservoir of heart energy that we all can draw upon during this next month to help sustain and energize our personal resilience and add much-needed compassion and care to the energetic field environment.


Add Heart to Healthcare Workers

21 April 2020

Healthcare workers around the world are selflessly putting themselves at risk as they treat patients affected by the coronavirus. In this month’s Add Heart Call, learn how leaders, nurses, doctors and others on the front lines of healthcare are using heart-focused techniques to help manage stress and fatigue and support their patients. We can use the same techniques and share them with our families to support each other while we “shelter in place.”

Join host Deborah Rozman, HeartMath Inc. CEO, and her guests Robert Browning and Sheva Carr, co-directors of HeartMath Healthcare, to learn how they are facilitating hospital staff’s use of HeartMath’s in-the-moment stress relief tools during this global crisis.

We will close with a heart meditation, sending compassion and appreciation to healthcare workers throughout the world for their selfless care. We will create a reservoir of heart energy that we can all draw upon during this next month to help sustain and energize our personal resilience and add much-needed compassion and care to the energetic field environment.


Add Heart to Kids

17 March 2020

Now, more than ever, children need every advantage to access their heart’s intelligent guidance to effectively navigate through our ever-changing world. In this month’s Add Heart Call, learn about the 100,000 Coherent Kids Initiative launched by the HeartMath Institute, to provide free access to a new online program: The HeartSmarts® Adventure. Offered globally, the kind of ideas and life-affirming practices taught in this fun, engaging course are part of a growing worldwide movement to help transform the lives of children and families.

Whether you have young children or grandchildren, or just want to experience the heart through the eyes of a five-year old again, The HeartSmarts® Adventure guides children through a multi-faceted exploration of their heart that teaches them how to apply heart qualities into their lives. Focusing on heart qualities such as cooperation, compassion, patience, deep listening, care, and kindness allows children to shift into a coherent emotional state and to live happier, healthier lives.

On this month’s Add Heart Call, Join Host, Deborah Rozman, HeartMath Inc. CEO, and her guest Jeff Goelitz, HeartMath Institute’s Education Specialist, as they talk about the purpose of the 100,000 Coherent Kids Initiative and how it’s teachings can be applied at any age.

We will close with a heart meditation to amplify our intentions to weave more heart qualities into our daily lives, and re-energize our commitments to adding heart to our families, neighbors, community, our global family, and our planet.


Adding Heart to Our Relationships

18 February 2020

February is National Heart Month, including Valentine’s Day. What better time to talk about adding heart to our relationships.

Host Deborah Rozman’s guest this month is Dr. Lise Janelle, coach and author of Conversations with the Heart and You are Loved, and a member of the Transformational Leadership Council.

Lise will share how she works with clients to connect with the power of their heart to heal relationships and the importance of leading with the heart to create successful relationships.

Deborah will talk about two HeartMath keys for creating deeper heart connection and improving relationships:

  • Deep heart listening – Listening from your heart without interruption. Listening from a place of genuine care, even if the issues aren’t yet resolved, can provide tremendous release.
  • Compassionate latitude – Having compassion for another’s experience and what they may be feeling without judging

Compassion helps raise the vibration of the individual and collective environment. It helps us connect with our higher reasoning capacity to make smarter choices while managing the infectious waves of stress and insecurity that are on the rise.

Latitude is an attitude that includes qualities such as being less critical and more patient and tolerant with each other yet not having to agree with or condone another’s views or actions.

We’ll close with a heart-focused meditation to amplify our hearts connections and re-energize our commitments to increasing our compassionate latitude and deep heart listening in our relationships.


Add Heart to the New Human Story

21 January 2020

In his often repeated quote, Albert Einstein says, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

It’s now heart time on the planet, and individually and collectively, we have the opportunity to write the next chapter of what it means to be human.

This will be a story based on compassion, kindness, and a deep care for each other as well as our collective awakening.

Join Deborah Rozman, our Add Heart Call Host and HeartMath Inc.’s CEO, and her guest, Gregg Braden, author of Human by Design: From Evolution by Chance to Transformation by Choice. This book won the Silver Nautilus Book Award in Science and Cosmology, and his forthcoming book is called Awakening the Power of the New Human Story.

Gregg is internationally renowned as a pioneer bridging science, spirituality, and human potential.

Deborah and Gregg will talk about the new power we have to change the way we think about ourselves, our relationships, our purpose, and what it means to be alive at this time of exponential change. They will discuss why heart intelligence is key to rewiring human consciousness and reshaping our collective story.

We’ll close with a heart meditation to amplify our connection to our heart’s intelligence in the New Year. We’ll energize our individual and collective commitments to live more from the heart in 2020 and realize that we are co-creating the new human story.


Add Heart to Lift Global Consciousness

17 December 2019

It’s the holiday season — a time when people all over the world celebrate holidays and connect more with their hearts as they share kindness and care.

Research findings have shown that we influence each other more than we may realize through energetic fields that surround us. Though they are invisible to most, these fields are generated from our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

In this month’s Add Heart Call, join Deborah Rozman, our host and HeartMath Inc.’s CEO, as well as her guests, HeartMath leaders Rollin McCraty — who is the HeartMath Institute director of research — and Howard Martin, HeartMath Inc.’s executive vice president. Together, they will talk about the energetic fields that surround us and the unique opportunity to utilize the amplification of the holiday energies to add more heart coherence to help lift our personal, social and global consciousness.

Together, we’ll close with a heart meditation to amplify our intentions to practice more care, compassionate latitude, patience and kindness throughout the holidays. Doing this helps lift the energy field, which makes it easier for others to feel their own hearts and a lift in their spirits. With a little practice, this can become our new way of life — a new normal — for the new year.


Add Heart to Refresh and Amplify Gratitude

19 November 2019

There are moments that draw our appreciation; acknowledgement for our efforts on a project, a warm smile from someone passing by, a surprisingly quick-moving checkout line at the grocery store. We’re grateful for a beautiful day and for our loved ones. When we give appreciation to others, it uplifts them and us. Appreciation and gratitude are qualities of the heart that bring happiness.

In this month’s Add Heart Call, our host, Deborah Rozman, Ph.D. and HeartMath CEO, and our special guest, Marci Shimoff, a #1 New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and Love for No Reason, will discuss how we can refresh and amplify our gratitude and appreciation as a daily practice.

Marci will share how gratitude affects our “happiness set-point” and why it’s so important to practice appreciation or gratitude consciously. Deborah and Marci will discuss scientific research on the impact of gratitude on our health and offer several powerful daily practices that can increase our experience of gratitude in life.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s also a good time to talk about the risks of over-giving and the challenge of receiving. Marci will share her insights on these issues.

We’ll close with a heart-focused meditation to refresh our connection with gratitude and appreciation – and set our intention to energize these heart qualities.

Marci is a highly sought-after international speaker and the cofounder of “Your Year of Miracles.” She has penned several books, including the New York Times Bestseller Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul.


Adding Heart to Power Up Resilience

15 October 2019

In today’s rapidly changing world, resilience is a must-have skill. Here at HeartMath, we define resilience as the ability to prepare for, recover from, and adapt in the face of stress, challenges, or adversity.

It’s helpful to think of being resilient as a healthy way of living instead of as a needed action. While resilience is about bouncing back from unexpected challenges, we can also become so conditioned to certain daily behaviors that we don’t realize how much they drain our energy reserves.

Our Add Heart Call guest this month is Claudia Weber, an expert in the field of helping people build resilience

Claudia is an information technology manager at Intel Corporation. She helps optimize operational effectiveness and employee satisfaction — and she is a HeartMath Certified Corporate Trainer and Resilience Coach for Intel. Claudia has trained more than 2,000 corporate employees at Intel utilizing HeartMath tools and technology. As a result of the training, these employees, including many veterans, are effectively reducing stress and anxiety.

Deborah Rozman, HeartMath CEO and host of the Add Heart Calls, will discuss with Claudia how we can build more self-awareness of draining behaviors to save energy. They’ll also talk about simple, effective practices that can help us power up our resilience capacity.

We’ll close the call with a heart meditation to set our intention to add more heart power to resilience over the next month.


Adding Heart to the Vision of Peace

17 September 2019

People hope and pray for world peace; however, more are recognizing that peace must begin within their own hearts. Peace is not something we seek but something we can create by aligning our hearts, minds and emotions.

Join host Deborah Rozman, Ph.D, the CEO of HeartMath and our guest Sheva Carr for this month’s Add Heart Call. The International Day of Peace is September 21. Deborah and Sheva will talk about how adding heart power can create more peace within our own lives and in the world. Sheva will share some of the extraordinary (and courageous) grass roots movements happening around the world in service to and as a heart stand for peace.

Sheva is the founding Executive Director of Heart Ambassadors, The Fyera Foundation and Sunflower SunPower Kids. She is also the Co-Vice President of United Nations Peace Messenger Organization, Pathways to Peace, as well as a team member of 3x Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Scilla Elworthy’s global initiative “The Business Plan for Peace.”

Recently, Sheva was part of a team invited to present a workshop at the United Nations 2019 edition of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Learning, Training & Practices. There she shared the best practices for empowering individuals by increasing personal coherence and creating peaceful societies through peer-to-peer collaboration and coherence.

We’ll close the session with a heart-focused meditation to Add Heart to our own inner peace and to the many heart-based peace initiatives happening on the planet.

20 August 2019

The Growing Trend of Adding Heart to Companies

The rise of employee stress has escalated to such a level that burnout is now classified as an occupational phenomenon according to the World Health Organization.

Talking about feelings or heart in a company used to be seen as weak or “touchy-feely”. Yet now we’re seeing an emerging trend – an opening of heart within companies. Mental and emotional health and the mind-body connection are becoming a critical part of a company’s overall wellness strategies.

Many companies are engaging in stress management programs that include exercise, yoga, mindfulness and meditation. Yet these programs take time and many employees don’t continue with them.

Robert Erdbrink, Director of HeartMath Benelux, is helping companies in Europe understand heart-mind-body connection and providing them with tools and technology they can use in the moment to reduce stress and burnout. The results are so significant that the entire Dutch police force has adopted this heart-based program.

Join us for this month’s Add Heart Call with Robert as our guest and our host, Deborah Rozman, Ph.D, President and CEO of HeartMath.

Robert will share inspiring stories of what the HeartMath Benelux team is achieving with companies and the opening of heart that is occurring in Europe.

Get a sneak peek – watch this video about what Robert and the HeartMath Benelux team are doing. Click Here


Using Social Media to Uplift Humanity and Add More Heart to Your Connections

16 July 2019

Social media is a major influence in the lives of many people. It is an avenue for self-expression, a place to connect with others, and be swayed by others’ likes and posts. Social media isn’t just a place for videos, memes and small talk. It often shapes how people view the world. Social media is an important avenue to add heart and nurture our personal connections and the causes we care about. It has the potential to create networks of people who want to help uplift each other and humanity.

In this Add Heart Call, host Deborah Rozman and her guest, social media expert and author, Mari Smith, will talk about how to use social media in positive ways that connect us more deeply with each other and the planet.

We’ll close our Add Heart Call with a heart-focused meditation to deepen and increase the heart we’re adding to our connection with ourselves, and each other.

About our guest: Mari Smith has built a strong background in Internet Marketing since 1999 and is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on social media with over 1.7 million followers via various online social media channels. She is a Forbes’ Top Social Media Power Influencer, and the author of The New Relationship Marketing and coauthor of Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day.


How to Add Heart to Health

18 June 2019

When it comes to our health or the health of someone we care about, it’s important to create an environment where heart qualities of care, kindness and compassion are part of our healing plan.

Our topic this month is Add Heart to Health, and our guest, Tim Culbert, MD, is Medical Director of Integrative Services, at Prairie Care Medical Group in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and co-founder of new website

Join Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., the host of our monthly Add Heart Calls, and her guest Dr. Tim Culbert, to learn new ways you can add heart to your health and the health care of others.

Dr. Culbert will talk about how he “adds heart” to his own personal wellness practices and how he teaches his patients, whether adults or children, to do the same, with amazing benefits.

Self-management skills and tools for increasing heart power and coherence give us a sense of control over our health journey and process.

Whether you are the patient, the family caregiver, or the health care professional, heart-intelligent strategies elevate our ability to care for and heal our self, our family or our patients from a foundation of love and compassion.

You’ll also enjoy learning about a growing community of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers who are committed to heart-based medicine and helping it to expand into a worldwide initiative.

We’ll close our Add Heart Call with a heart-focused meditation to increase the heart we’re adding to our own health and to the health of those we care about.

About Dr. Tim Culbert:
Dr. Culbert is a presenter for the HeartMath certification course for health professionals, called HeartMath Interventions. Tim is an expert in teaching self-regulation skills for anxiety and stress to adults and children. He co-created, with an interdisciplinary team, one of the first full service integrative pediatrics programs at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota where he served as Medical Director from 2001-2010. He is the author of four books for children on holistic self-care titled, Be the Boss of Your Body and developed innovative training in integrative therapeutics for nurses working in pediatric medical and mental health settings.


A Growing Need for Compassionate Latitude

21 May 2019

Sparking this month’s Add Heart Call discussion, is the growing need for “compassionate latitude” for others and for ourselves. In a just-released Gallup poll, more than half of Americans are reporting record levels of stress and worry. Rising stress levels are also occurring in the UK and Europe with uncertainty about the future of Brexit and polarizing politics of separation vs. inclusiveness.

Deborah Rozman and her guest, Gavin Andrews, Managing Director of HeartMath® UK and Ireland, will talk about the importance of having “compassionate latitude” during these times, what that really means and how to practice it to the benefit of all. Gavin will talk about the impact of these changes in the UK. He’ll also share about a simultaneous new awakening to heart awareness and connection that’s bringing hope to many.

Compassion is one of the highest supportive energetics of love, but compassion can easily slide into unmanaged empathy or pity. Adding the qualities of latitude and allowance can lift our compassion to a higher vibration. As we practice compassionate latitude, it provides us with a larger, nonjudgmental perspective and an unconditional love and desire for the highest outcome for situations and all concerned.

We’ll close with a heart-focused meditation to lift our vibration and add heart-powered intention to our practice of compassionate latitude in all our interactions. This includes how we interact with our self.

In addition to being the Managing Director of HeartMath UK and Ireland, Gavin Andrews is also a consultant, coach and trainer specializing in leadership/management development and performance. He is a firm believer in authentic self-leadership and the use of emotional self-regulation and positive psychology to achieve resilience and high performance.


Why Today’s Stress Is Different and How to Stay Resilient

16 April 2019

Have you found that your efforts to relieve stress don’t seem to be working as well as they used to? Perhaps it’s because today’s stress is different than even a few years ago.

April is National Stress Awareness month and we’re excited to have as our guest, Heidi Hanna, Ph.D., executive director of the American Institute of Stress, a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing awareness about stress and educating medical practitioners, scientists, health care professionals and the public about the effects of stress. Heidi is also a HeartMath® Certified Trainer who teaches “Stress Mastery.” She will be joining our host Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., President of HeartMath for this month’s Add Heart Call.

Heidi and Deborah will talk about why being aware of our stress is important, but more importantly they’ll share strategies that allow us to take charge of stress from the inside out.

Most stress interventions provide only temporary relief and the next day we’re back in the stress bath. This is due to the cumulative effect of ongoing stress and anxiety. In this Add Heart Call, Deborah and Heidi will be talking about simple and proven ways to prevent and release today’s stress accumulation by opening the heart, reducing drama, and practicing compassion and self-compassion.

Join us for this uplifting call on transforming stress and riding the waves of change.

We’ll close this Add Heart Call with a heart-meditation that we will do together, and you can use anytime for releasing and preventing stress, and for making effective choices.


How To Recharge Your Inner Battery

19 March 2019

With spring just one day away, we thought it’s a great time to talk about how we can recharge and renew.

Each day we start out with a fresh charge to our personal energy – much like the battery in our phone. As we go through the day, we encounter many things that use up our personal energy.

Some situations drain our energy, such as heated conversations, worry over the people or situations we care about, frustration and impatience regarding projects at work, or issues in our personal lives.

How fast we run through our personal energy has a lot to do with our ability to recover and recharge our inner battery in real-time.

Our Add Heart Call guest this month is Rich Diviney, former Navy SEAL Commander and a HeartMath® Certified Trainer.

Rich and Deborah will talk about the unique and powerful recovery tools that Rich provides leaders to quickly recover and recharge their inner battery. He’ll share how he introduced his SEAL Team to “micro-recovery” using heart coherence skills to manage their energy and de-stress after being ramped up in a highly charged state.

Learn how you can apply these same skills to your own charged situations so you can take charge, recover, and renew before or after any stressful event.

Rich draws upon 20+ years of experience as a Navy SEAL Officer where he completed more than 13 overseas deployments – 11 of which were to Iraq and Afghanistan. Through his career, he achieved multiple leadership positions – including the Commanding Officer of a Navy SEAL Command. It has been this experience that has forged in his belief system that every human being has a purpose and the importance of heart powered energy management.


It’s Heart Month – Join Us as We Celebrate the Heart in All of Us!

19 February 2019

This month we’re celebrating the heart in all of us. Deborah Rozman and Dr. Jean Watson will talk about how qualities of the heart can heal and neutralize feelings of stress and overload when things get tough.

They will discuss how daily practice of heart attributes gives us a deeper sense of self-security and balance, and acts as a first line of defense against stress and overwhelm. Operating from the heart provides an internal navigation system for wiser responses to each situation.

We are honored to have Dr. Jean Watson as our guest. Dr. Watson’s life career has been devoted to the phenomena of human caring and inner subjective feelings, emotions, and experiences. Her Caring Science model seeks to restore the profound nature of caring-healing and brings the ethic and ethos of Love back into healthcare. She is a Living Legend with the American Academy of Nursing and holds 15 Honorary Doctorates. She’s authored 30+ books, and her new release, Unitary Caring Science, received the American Journal of Nursing’s Book of the Year award. As Director of the Watson Caring Science Institute and a Distinguished Professor of Nursing, her research, theory and methods are used in 1000’s of nursing schools and health care systems world-wide, and appeal to people in all walks of life.


Personal Reset – Energizing and Renewing Important Commitments and Insights

15 January 2019

Personal Reset – Energizing and Renewing Important Commitments and Insights

This month we’ll be talking about reset, a simple, yet powerful process that can assist us now and throughout the year.

We can learn to consciously reset our vibration to a higher frequency throughout the day. A personal reset can be used in several ways. We can reset to start fresh after closure on an issue. We can reset daily or throughout a week to re-energize important commitments. We can reset when things seem to be off-track or we need to refocus and draw in more clarity.

Genuinely desiring a heart-intelligent perspective and resetting it when needed can help us handle whatever comes up with increased efficiency and clarity.

Join Deborah Rozman and her guest, Steve Havill, for our January Add Heart Call. Steve is a conscious business leader and HeartMath® Certified Trainer and Coach/Mentor. He works with entrepreneurs and business leaders to help them express their unique purpose and to create high impact results. Steve is also the Board Chair for Conscious Capitalism in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Deborah and Steve will talk about how they use reset and what resetting for the new year means to them. Deborah will also talk about a collective reset that is building around the world and how we can individually contribute to it.

We’ll close this Add Heart Call with a heart-meditation that we will do together and that we can use throughout the year to energize our personal insights and commitments and raise our vibration so we can connect with our heart’s intuitive guidance.


Creating Social Coherence During the Holidays

18 December 2018

Creating Social Coherence During the Holidays

Add Heart Call Host Deborah Rozman and Her Guest, Rollin McCraty, Ph.D. Executive Vice President and Director of Research, HeartMath Institute

The holiday season is here and many of us will be participating in family and social gatherings and celebrations. This is prime time to go deeper into our hearts to understand other’s concerns and amplify our care. Which is why this month’s topic is focused on Social Coherence.

Social Coherence is a harmonious alignment between friends, couples, family units, groups and organizations. Think of highly successful teams and how they pull together towards a common goal – there’s an efficient flow of energy and communication between them.

HeartMath Institute is researching the power of social coherence and seeing evidence of a positive feedback loop as individuals and groups intentionally create heart coherent energy fields, which increases our connections with each other.

Creating social coherence starts with taking responsibility for our personal energy. Deborah and Rollin will talk about how we can become more conscious of our own energies as we interact with others and resetting our energies when needed. Our love and compassion can then help to uplift others and add to our holiday events.

During the holidays, many people feel their heart’s care magnified and feel more kindness and compassion. But just as the holiday time can magnify these uplifting energies, for others it can also magnify down spiraling energy of anxiety, blame, judgement, and depression.

Our personal practice of heart coherence can have a more potent effect than we may realize to help uplift others. That’s why conscious monitoring of our personal energies is so important, especially in light of the societal temperament being in a heightened state of extremism and family gatherings where there can be polarizing views.

Rollin and Deborah will share their insights about social coherence to help us lift our vibration and help lift other’s energies too during this holiday time.

Deborah will close the Add Heart Call with a heart-meditation for social coherence. Together we’ll align our heart and mind and send compassion and love to family, friends and all people around the world his holiday season.


Gratitude — Welcome to the Brain’s Feel-Good Reward Center

20 November 2018

Gratitude — Welcome to the Brain’s Feel-Good Reward Center

Add Heart Call host Deborah Rozman HeartMath CEO and guest Gregg Braden discuss gratitude and how it can catapult us into higher brain states.

It’s Thanksgiving week in the United States and a time that people focus more on gratitude and appreciation for the good things in their lives.

Few people know that gratitude and appreciation are powerful heart energetics that actually give us access to higher brain states.

Gratitude releases a powerful, self-rewarding feel-good neurotransmitter in the brain. Gregg and Deborah will talk about recent evidence from brain-imaging studies that shows the brain’s “reward center” lighting up when we’re feeling grateful.

This discussion will deepen our understanding and heart-power our intentions to feel gratitude and appreciation for family and friends this holiday season.


Transforming Insecurity and Creating Self-Security

16 October 2018

All of us need care to thrive – whether we’re receiving or giving care – it is vital to our existence. The ability to express love through our care is one of the highest attributes we have. And like most anything, care has a balance point.

Whether it’s personal, family, social issues within our community, or global issues that affect us all, when our care turns into overcare or insecurity, our energy quickly drains. This hinders our ability to be effective, even when our intentions are to care.

Overcare often disguises itself as worry, fear, anxiety and more. Yet behind it is our real care. We can learn simple strategies with heart-powered intention to transform insecurity into self-security and overcare into balanced care. These strategies can also help us learn to consciously reduce the significance that we feed into worry and fear.

This is part of our emotional maturing process – learning the energy economy of creating self-security and balanced care.

In our October Add Heart Call, our host Deborah Rozman, HeartMath CEO, and her guest Owen Ward, HeartMath Chief Strategy Officer, will talk about creating self-security and transforming insecurity. They’ll share how balanced care has helped them become more attuned to intuitive intelligence to guide their choices in each situation.

We’ll close with a heart-meditation to align our heart and mind and connect with our balanced care as a replacement attitude for insecurity, worry and other forms of overcare.


Finding the Gifts Within Stillness

18 September 2018

Stillness is an energetic quality that we can find – even in the midst of a busy day. It is a regenerative gift that only takes a sincere moment or two to access yet can change the course of our day.

When we connect with inner stillness, we create a space to declutter our mind and hear our heart’s intuitive guidance.

Stillness is an ancient practice, but so easy to dismiss in modern times. You’ve likely read about it in countless books and blogs as an important aspect of prayer or meditation. Recent scientific studies have validated the benefits of this ancient practice. Stillness allows us to truly know our self beyond our mind, thoughts and ego, it is also very beneficial to our brain’s health and has been found to generate new cells in the brain that are linked to learning and emotion.

In our September Add Heart Call, our host Deborah Rozman, HeartMath CEO, and her guest Robert Browning, Director, HeartMath Health Partners, will talk about why it’s especially important in an emotionally-charged and rapidly changing world to create space for inner stillness and how to do it.

The simple inner stillness practice they will share with you allows heart, mind and emotions to experience a time-out from competing against each other and enjoy some casual peace together.

They’ll talk about the gifts they personally gain from this practice and how it creates a personal sanctuary while on the go.

We will close the Add Heart Call with a heart meditation to create a reservoir of inner stillness we can each draw on as we practice this restorative energetic quality together over the next month.

“Inner stillness creates an energetic environment for supporting our advancing consciousness which can unleash the transformational power of our love – Doc Childre, Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart



21 August 2018

Host, Deborah Rozman and her special guest Jeff Goelitz, Director of Education at the HeartMath Institute

Many of us learned the value of pause from our parents and even passed it on as wisdom to our children. However, as life’s demanding pace keeps increasing, the memory to pause often fades, especially when we are under pressure.

There are numerous situations where we sacrifice our well-being because we allow the hurry of life to usher us into quick decision and actions. Many times, this can cause us to miss our heart’s intuitive signal to pause before an important and sensitive engagement.

When we speed past flow – mentally, emotionally or physically – we become vulnerable to not listening to others, over reacting, speaking too soon and cutting other people off in conversation, and more inefficient choices.

In this call we talk about the value of Pause and we share suggestions on how to instate this valuable practice more often. We talk about how-to engage in the choice to Pause to create the most flow for restoring our inner balance and clear direction.

We close this month’s event with a heart-focused meditation to add heart power to our own and each other’s practice of Pause through the month. We energize our collective intention to release old habits that disconnect us from flow and increase our flexibility, resilience and personal empowerment.


Self-Empowerment – The Human Story Is Changing

17 July 2018

Host, Deborah Rozman and her special guest Gregg Braden

A captivating discussion about the new level of self-empowerment needed to embrace our changing world in a health way.

What does it mean to be self-empowered?

It’s an inner confidence that allows us to take control of our lives and see beyond problems or roadblocks to create solutions. It’s being able to self-regulate our mental and emotional reactions. It’s the ability to transform anxiety and fear by staying closely attuned to our heart’s intuitive guidance.

Humans are self-referencing beings so when the world we know starts to change we immediately ask how will this affect me?

The better we know ourselves the less we feel threatened by changes occurring around us.

Gregg Braden and Deborah Rozman will discuss this significant shift that’s happening in the human story and provide some heart-based practices that can build our self-security.

They’ll close the event with a heart meditation for self-empowerment to release old fear or anxiety imprints, gain a more objective view and access intuitive direction for responding to change.


Interconnectivity – how we are connected to each other

19 June 2018

Host Deborah Rozman with guest Robert Erdbrink – HeartMath BeNeLux

We’re constantly exchanging unseen information with all living things through our thoughts, feelings and attitudes. Traditionally, during the summer months most of us spend even more time connecting with family, friends and nature. Learn how you can “Add Heart” to the unseen energetic exchanges you share with people and with nature. And how we can lift each other’s vibration and renew our connections with all of life.

Robert Erdbrink is Director of HeartMath Benelux and the father of three, ages 18, 20 and 23 and lives in Bunde in the South of the Netherlands.

Robert started his career with Unilever in the Netherlands and by the age of 28 was on the board of a large Unilever company, responsible for over 1000 employees. In 2000, Robert left to pursue his mission of bringing more heart into organizations and started HeartMath Netherlands, which grew into HeartMath Benelux, then along with Reiner Krutti he started HeartMath Germany. HeartMath Benelux received a contract to train all Dutch police officers and to date over 55,000 officers have been trained in HeartMath.

Find out what “Add Heart” means to Robert and some of the ways he adds heart to our world.


Finding your Inner Rhythm

15 May 2018

Hosted by Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., CEO of HeartMath and guest, Howard Martin, Executive Vice President of HeartMath.

As a former rock-and-roll drummer Howard has a keen awareness of rhythm and how all aspects of life have different rhythms. We experience them in dance and music, we observe them in the ocean’s tides and changing seasons – and course we live by our heart’s rhythm. Right now many people are enjoying the changing rhythm of nature moving into spring weather after a long winter. We can find rhythms in just about everything within us and outside of us.

Learning how to shift our inner rhythms can help life feel a lot less stressful and more balanced. Connecting with our inner heart rhythm helps us sense right timing and enjoy increased care and sensitivity in our relationships and engagements with life.

Deborah and Howard will talk about how we can tune into the inner rhythm of daily life and find more flow. You’ll learn suggested ways to prevent the impatience of the mind from overriding the sensitive and intuitive whispers of your heart’s direction.

We‘ll also do a heart meditation on finding your inner rhythm and create a reservoir of heart energy to support each other’s intentions to find more rhythm and flow through life during the month.


How science validates ancient spiritual traditions about the heart.

17 April 2018

How science validates ancient spiritual traditions about the heart.
A personal conversation with Special Guest: Gregg Braden,
NY Times bestselling author, internationally renowned speaker and HeartMath Global Coherence Initiative Steering Committee member.


Raising Our Vibration to Access Our Higher Potentials

20 March 2018

Thoughts and feelings are energies that operate on different vibrations. The vibration is determined by the quality of our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviors throughout the day.

Higher thoughts and feelings add an uplifting tone through our day. In our higher thought vibrations, we’re more caring, compassionate and kind with each other. We feel more self-secure and resilient in life’s interactions.

Lower vibrational thoughts and feelings bring us down. This results in unhappiness and feelings of separation from others due to judgments or blame. We worry more, experience low self-security and can be too hard on our self and others.

This month we’re focusing on ways we can intentionally raise our vibration to access more of our heart’s intuitive guidance through our creative endeavors and challenges.

In addition, we’ll close with a heart-focused meditation to add heart power to our own and each other’s practice through the month to help sustain our intentions and emotional poise.


Inspiring Forward Movement and Heart-Powered Intention.

20 February 2018

This call focuses on what it means to add heart, inspire forward movement and heart-power our intentions.

  • Why add heart? Adding heart to whatever you do strengthens and empowers your intentions and commitment. That’s why coaches tell players to “play with heart” and “put your heart into it” – put your love and care into it. Learn how adding heart increases the quality of moment-to-moment awareness and bridges the connection to higher intelligence and guidance from your intuitive heart.
  • How can we inspire forward movement? At times, when we get caught up in stress and drain energy, we can feel like we’re going backwards. Deborah will share how accessing our heart’s discernment and guidance enables us to create forward movement in personal growth.
  • What is heart-powered intention? The heart is the power behind higher manifestation. As you practice activating the power of your heart, it brings heart, mind and body into increased cooperation. Learn how to facilitate the manifestation of deeper heart-felt intentions in all aspects of your life.

See definitions below


Refiring Our Commitments with the Power of the Heart.

16 January 2018

Many people make New Year’s resolutions and often don’t keep them. There’s a difference between mind power and heart-infused intention. Heart-powered intention draws more of our spirit into your commitment to help you sustain it.

This month we talk about how to align your mind and emotions with the intuitive guidance and power of your heart to refire your commitment at any time. Deborah shares practical tips to help you sustain your commitments or re-boot your efforts when they start to fade from challenges and distractions.

In the guided Heart Lock-In (meditation) portion of the call, we re-energize our individual and collective forward movement for the coming year.



“One of the most important aspects of the changes taking place is the emergence of a more heart-based awareness or ‘heart intelligence.’ Learning to access the heart’s intelligence is a key to managing the speed of personal and planetary change while creating a new life experience of increased fulfillment.”

Heart Intelligence, Doc Childre


Add Heart – Adding heart to whatever you do strengthens and empowers your intentions and commitment. That’s why coaches tell players to “play with heart” and “put your heart into it” – put your love and care into it. Adding heart means adding love, care, kindness, patience, appreciation or compassion as we interact with what life brings us. Hundreds of scientific studies have confirmed this has a measurable impact on physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Adding heart increases the quality of moment-to-moment awareness and bridges the connection to higher intelligence and guidance from your intuitive heart.

Forward Movement – Accessing our heart’s discernment and guidance enables us to create forward movement in personal growth. At times, when we get caught up in stress and drain energy, we can feel like we’re going backwards. As we practice putting more heart and conscious care into our interactions and keep our humility refreshed, then our forward movement quickens with more flow and less resistance.

Forward movement is created when we are committed to taking responsibility for our own energies and practice increasing our love, kindness and compassion in our interactions with others –and especially how we interact with and treat our self.

Heart-Powered Intention – The heart is the power behind higher manifestation. As you practice activating the power of your heart, it brings heart, mind and body into increased cooperation. This alignment brings in more of your spirit and higher discernment faculties—your intuition—to help facilitate the manifestation of deeper heart-felt intentions in all aspects of your life. When heart is added to your intentions, it magnetizes more effective choices and favorable outcomes.

At times, we can feel like we are missing a sense of meaning, purpose and fulfilment. Accessing more of our heart’s intelligence and inspiration and applying it in practical ways enables us to manage our energy, unfold our higher potentials, and create a more fulfilling life.

Join an Add Heart Momentum that supports and serves the planet.