Add Heart® Facilitator Program

Uplift your life and the lives of others by becoming an Add Heart Facilitator

The Add Heart Facilitator Program is designed to teach you how to share core HeartMath concepts, science and the Heart Lock-In technique with your family, friends and colleagues.

  • Deepen the skill set you learned in The HeartMath Experience.
  • Learn to share some of The HeartMath Institute’s key research and scientific breakthroughs.
  • Take a deep dive into how to use the Inner Balance™ Bluetooth® Sensor and App (included), and teach family, friends and colleagues to use it.
  • A perfect step toward becoming certified to professionally teach others HeartMath tools and technology.

Add Heart Facilitator Program

with Inner Balance Bluetooth Sensor & course

Price: $239.00

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Includes the Inner Balance Bluetooth® sensor and app for Android and iPhone ( $199 value ).

Add Heart Facilitator Program

without Inner Balance Sensor – course only

Price: $ 99.00

Sale: $ 49.00

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To experience the full benefits, we recommend using the Inner Balance Sensor with the program.

Both versions of the Add Heart Facilitator Program include:

  • Six self-paced modules presented by HeartMath leaders
  • The Add Heart Facilitator Guidebook
  • Science of the Heart Volume 2 e-book

Course Outline

Module 1: What is Heart?

Reviews and reinforces from The HeartMath Experience: explores ‘heart’, physically, emotionally, and spiritually and highlights the value of adding heart qualities to your life, those you care about and the world. Also, learn the first step of the Heart Lock-In™ Technique.

Module 2: The Science of Coherence

Deepen your understanding of the unseen, energetic communication between people and the optimal physiological state called ‘heart-coherence’. Also, learn the second step of the Heart Lock-In technique.

Module 3: The Inner Balance Trainer

Experience the award winning Inner Balance Trainer technology as it provides you with a real-time window into your emotional state. Also, learn how to share this with others.

Module 4: Heart-based emotions

Learn about the transformative power of regenerative, heart-based emotions, and learn Step 3 of the Heart Lock-In technique.

Module 5: Adding heart to the lives of others

Sharing your knowledge. Tips and techniques for adding heart in personal and professional settings.

Module 6: Course review

Course review and inspiration for adding the qualities and science of the heart to all aspects of life.