Global Alliances

HeartMath LLC has many valued alliance partners and distributors, foreign and domestic who provide our products and services world-wide. These partners include companies that represent the HeartMath brand in their territory providing a full suite of offerings, individuals that do personalized coaching and training and companies that distribute our products.

International Licensees

Here you will find the licensed companies in other countries who have the right to represent the HeartMath brand and to deliver our training programs and products to residents within their respective territories. Please review the following descriptions of these valued international partners and visit their web sites for more information.


RightWay Management Consulting — Beijing

RightWay Management Consulting is engaged in professional experience-based training in China. There are offices throughout China. Their unique training system for individuals, teams and organizations has been recognized for excellence by AEE (Association of Experiential Education).

To learn more about the RightWay Management Consulting offerings contact them directly at:Tel: 8610 85804419
Address: C701, China Airline Tech. SQ., No.15 Ronghua South Road, YiZhuang, Beijing, 10002, China
Training Website:

RightWay Management Consulting — Guangzhou ShuXinPang

Guangzhou ShuXinPang Education & Technology Co., Ltd provides a full suite of HeartMath training programs and products for stress management, health and performance improvement throughout China including a fully translated Chinese version of Inner Balance™ Trainer. Clients range from high profile corporate organizations to small business owners, from CEO to frontline, corporations, government agencies, education institutions, health care organizations, parents, students, teachers, doctors, therapists of all disciplines and people interested in advancing personal growth.

To learn more about the Guangzhou ShuXinPang Education & Technology Co.,Ltd offerings contact them directly at:Tel: 8620 38848589
Address: Zen of Future, No. 35, Tianshou Road, TianHe District, GuangZhou, 510665, China


Macquarie Institute

Macquarie Institute, a licensee for Australia and New Zealand, offers HeartMath’s coach licensing to individuals and emWave® products to individuals and organizations. To purchase products, obtain coach training or become a re-seller in the region contact Macquarie Institute directly at: Phone: (61) 2 9412 2500
Level 7/6 Help Street
Chatswood NSW, 2067


HeartMath Deutschland

HeartMath Deutschland offers regular introduction programs, the HeartMath Professionals and Coaching licensing programs for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. HeartMath Deutschland is a joint venture with HeartMath Benelux.

All HeartMath products like the Inner Balance™ Trainer and emWave® technologies available in the webshop. Most manuals are both in English and additionally in German, local helpdesk, service and warranty is given. To learn more about their HeartMath offerings, programs and products please contact HeartMath Deutschland at:

Tel: +49 6805 679 85 30
Email :
Address: Steinbruchweg 10, 66129 Saarbrücken, Germany
Web site:

Choice Dynamic International

Choice Dynamic International is a company dedicated and passionate to support individuals and organisations in Health and Social Care to create high performing teams. We work in partnership to design bespoke learning and development solutions that link directly to the successful achievement of individual and organisational work objectives and visions.

Our focus is on ‘excellence in outcomes’ which requires coherent decision making – for this reason we have a dedicated team ready to help you embed the HeartMath® system into your work environment.

Choice Dynamic International: Dr Susan Smith DBA, MBA, BScHons, RN, RM,RHV,FWT.

To find out more visit our web site at: email:
Phone – +44(0)1977612321
Mobile – +44(0)7716686343
Address – Orchard House, 12, Barncroft Close, Ackworth, Pontefract WF7 7RW England

HeartMath Benelux

HeartMath Benelux offers training programs and products for organizations, health care professionals and individuals to promote the use of HeartMath techniques in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.

Our program Resilience Advantage™, has been tested and proven in many Dutch organizations like Shell, DSM, Philips, Unilever, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Deloitte, and many others (see also our list of clients). Since 2012 HeartMath Benelux has trained over 55.000 Dutch police officers. For more information click here.

HeartMath Benelux offers regular one day workshops, introduction programs, the coach & trainer certification programs, the emWave Pro, emWave2, Inner Balance Trainer and other HeartMath products. Most manuals are both in English and additionally in Dutch, local service and warranty is given. To learn more about their HeartMath offerings, programs and products please contact HeartMath Benelux at: Tel.: 31-43-3655626

E-mail :
Address: Op de Locht 31, 6241NR Bunde, The Netherlands
Web site:

HeartMath UK

HeartMath UK + IRL is the official licence holder for all HeartMath training programs in the UK and Ireland. They provide a range of resilience and wellbeing programmes for organisational clients as well as coaching services, coach training programmes and public workshops.

HeartMath UK + IRL also sells a comprehensive range of HeartMath products and programmes directly through their web store.

Tel: +44 (0) 20 3701 6099
Gavin Andrews

HeartMath South Africa

HeartMath South Africa (HMSA) is the official licence holder for all HeartMath training programs in South Africa. Based in Cape Town through its strategic partnership with Achievement Awards Group, HMSA provides a range of public workshops, Train-the-Trainer programs for consultancies and organisational clients, coach trainings as well as health professional specific courses with the emWave technologies. HeartMath UK provides a full range of HeartMath products through its web store as well as through its network of licenced coaches and training partners in South Africa.

Phone: 011 82 678 7999
Alan Strydom
Address: 14 Stibitz Street Westlake,
Cape Town,
South Africa

International Re-sellers

You can purchase HeartMath’s emWave Pro and emWave2 in many countries through our international re-seller network providing you with easy access to our offerings and local customer support. Please review the list of International Re-sellers to see where you can purchase our products in your country/region.

To apply to become a re-seller please contact:
John White
831-338-8711 or email

For a list of International Resellers, please click here