Inner Balance Walkthrough Video

Learn some of the key components of the Inner Balance mobile app and Sensor. Watch this 5 minute video at your convenience. Inner Balance User Manual More Inner Balance training available for free on HeartCloud

emWave2 Instruction Videos

Wondering how to turn on your emWave? How to change the volume or lights? Maybe you need a refresher on how to read your coherence. Watch our step by step videos that show you how to use your emWave. >> Watch Now!

emWave2 Free Telephone Training — How to Join

emWave2 Free Training Class Schedule

To start using your emWave2 and to get answers to any question you may have, join us for a free one-hour teleclass once a week for emWave2 owners. You’ll want to have your emWave2 charged and the computer program open. The session is hosted by HeartMath staff and you’ll join other emWave users by calling the bridge line 712-775-7100 pin code 107309# at the scheduled times below.

The orientation call occurs every Tuesday at 12:00 Noon *Times are California time, (Pacific Time Zone)

Please say your name when you enter the room. If people are talking when you enter, wait for a break in the conversation and then say your name. Please Note: It’s highly recommended that you have the emWave2 program installed on your computer. This will ensure better assistance from the instructor and allow for more participation in the class from all of the attendees.

emWave Pro

To learn how to use emWave Pro, choose from the following resources:

New emWave Pro Plus Features

In this 13 minute video learn about the two heart rate variability (HRV) assessments.
  1. 1-Minute HRV Deep Breathing Assessment with age adjusted reference ranges for each HRV measure.
  2. HRV Assessment — an advanced tool for studying heart rate variability that can be used in a wide range of applications. It includes many of the most commonly used time—and frequency—domain variables.