Living Heart Connected in a Hyper-Connected World

Our world has become increasingly hyper-connected. News updates are broadcasted not just by media, but even by citizens witnessing events first hand and sharing it via social media. Information floods our lives at an astonishing rate and many of us are physically anchored to this data surge via our smart devices.

To remain grounded and balanced in our hyper-connected environment, it’s essential that we’re consciously choosing to stay heart-connected. Here’s a true story of how we can become disconnected without meaning to:

A woman who is totally dependent on a wheelchair asked a visiting friend to help her lower a window blind that had been left open and she wasn’t able to reach it to close it. Without looking up, the friend responded from a disconnected state as she stayed immersed in her smart phone. The response was, “Don’t you realize how busy I am.” The irony is that this friend had stopped over to see if she could be of service. Obviously the requested favor would take mere seconds. The friend allowed herself to get so fixated on her device that her response was out of touch and disconnected from that moment.

Becoming disconnected is a real issue of the 21st century. This isn’t to say if you have a smart device you’re disconnected — though most of using these devices can probably relate to the need of exercising balance. People can get immersed in many other things too, and the disconnection only happens when we allow it to.

Here are a few suggestions we can use to keep heart-connections the priority:

  • Start each day by setting a heart intention to be energetically present and connected with others.
  • Make a daily habit to connect with your heart using practices like Quick Coherence® that help you to align with a still and quiet place inside.
  • Value your connection with others. Instead of multi-tasking, put your device on airplane mode or vibrate to lessen distractions.
  • Pick up the phone or walk over to talk with someone instead of defaulting to text and email.
  • Take in your environment. For a moment or two breathe in the fresh air and look around. Appreciate nature; admire the architecture; smile and connect with people you pass by.

With life moving at a faster pace, it’s even more important that we pause the busyness and really connect with each other. With care, Your friends at HeartMath

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