HeartMath Tools Help Sarah Through Hard Times

SarahThe short version of a very difficult time in my life is I was going through a challenging time in my marriage of many years and we were having to move out of our family home of 16 years. My parents and an in-law were in the beginning of a decline and needed daily assistance. My son had a serious back problem and my daughter had an illness causing her to miss a lot of school. All of this in addition to the regular demands of daily life. I handled it all. That is, I handled it all except my health.

It isn’t that I didn’t know better. After all, I did stop on the three occasions my inner wisdom said to take a break. So I took a day off. I remember in the back of my mind thinking that I should practice the HeartMath tools. I knew I needed to and I knew they would help. But – I was too busy. I didn’t have time. I would get to them later.

I made it through everything that was on my plate, but my health paid a huge price. I did everything suggested by doctors and a therapist and it was beneficial. But still I was deeply fatigued, where getting off my bed seemed an impossible task.

I had recently become a HeartMath Provider and I understood the role my emotions were playing in my overall health and in what I came to call ‘the wretched and debilitating fatigue.’ I knew that if I wanted to make a change for myself, it was up to me to do so. And that meant engaging my heart for the transformative power and wisdom it holds.

I made a choice in that moment to put the HeartMath tools to work – everyday. I used my emWave regularly which gave me objective feedback and I practiced the techniques each day. It made a difference which people saw and I felt as I plugged energy leaks of depleting emotions. My own HeartMath coach helped me hone my skills and supported me in the process. Most importantly, I practiced it.

I learned how we greatly underestimate the power we carry within us that sits smack in the center of our chests. It sits patiently waiting for us to engage it, and when we do, it responds with immediacy and with care and with the power to transform. It did for me then. It does for me every day.

Perhaps in this moment you feel inspired or hopeful. I hope you do and I encourage you not to wait for the day when you have more time. Catch the opportunity in this very moment. You may find, as I did, that learning and integrating the HeartMath system in your life to be the best investment of your time, your energy and your money that you may ever make. – HeartMath tools are tools for a lifetime that pay dividends for a lifetime.

About the Heart

Did you know that the heart actually forms in a fetus before we have a brain? Did you know that science today cannot tell us exactly why the heart starts beating? Did you know that the source of the heartbeat is in the heart itself and not driven by the brain? Yes the physical heart is an amazing part of our physiology.

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