What Do You Do When You Wake Up Grumpy?

What Do You Do When…

What do you do when you wake up and, for no apparent reason, you feel out of sorts, grumpy, low energy, anxious, and just not connected to your heart in general? 

What Is This? 

You’ve been having a good week and now feel this way. 

You start to try to figure it out. What is going wrong? What’s wrong with me? 

Why Now?

You can take a look at events, interactions, and so on that may have contributed to your low-feeling world. 

But you can also try to see it in a new  way.

You’re experiencing a “modulation day.”

Life has rhythms—highs, lows, going in and out. (Life modulates.)

Sometimes our emotions do the same thing. Our emotions modulate too, and it’s natural that you won’t feel as connected to the rejuvenating feelings of the heart on days like this. 

Here’s What You Can Do

Perhaps do a short, heart-focused exercise.

  • Just breathe a feeling of ease in and out through your heart area. 
  • Then add the feeling of self-compassion.

If you can, see yourself as a good person doing the best you can. If you can’t feel ease or self-compassion, it’s okay. Your efforts will pay off soon enough. 

During your day, take little moments in between activities and, again, just try to connect with a feeling of ease and self-compassion. 

Also, try to show some extra kindness or appreciation for others. This can help get the emotional qualities of the heart flowing more easily. 

Don’t look for immediate results. Have patience with the process. And try not to make whatever you’re feeling feel overly significant. In due time, you’ll start to feel more like your best self. 

Remember, it’s just a modulation day and no big deal.

Life has a rhythm and flow to it. With a little meaningfulness, you can learn to make peace with modulation days and use them to further your inner growth.

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