Patience: A Heart Quality for Managing Uncertainty and Staying Resilient

Most all of us have struggled with impatience from time to time, especially during these days of emerging from the COVID-19 restrictions.

Patience supports our ability to manage our energies from a state of ease, especially when things don’t move to suit our mind’s pace. Constant change and uncertainty can amplify impatience, irritation, and frustration. These assumed small energy leaks often turn into blockbuster energy deficits over time if we don’t reset and transform them into patience, resilience, and flow.

Rushed, impatient energy diffuses our capacity for favorable outcomes. When we push energy, this cancels the experience of flow and creates hiccups in our intentions. It’s our mind that tends to rush energy; our heart chooses balance, rhythm, and flow. When cooperating together, they increase outcomes that facilitate any situation.  

Patience Creates Flow

Practicing patience and ease creates the energetic environment for flow to take place in our communications, choice selections, and actions. Traffic jams, slow computers, and communication difficulties won’t disappear because we practice patience. However, patience helps us attune our mental and emotional nature to operate at the highest level of energy economy as we sort our way through life’s interactions.

We all know that impatience is an invitation to frustration, shallow discernment, and faulty choices. When our hearts truly commit to becoming patient, then our minds will progressively surrender to this most beneficial change in our energy management. The reduced stress we will experience quickly turns into resilience, which is especially needed through these restrictive changes most of us are experiencing.

Patience Through Inner Ease

We often make high-spirited commitments for behavior changes and then our intentions fade because the lack of patience drains the energy from our commitment.

Our intuition constantly prompts us to be more patient, but most of us know that initiative can slip away all too easily. Once we realize how many mental and emotional setbacks and physical energy drains are caused from the lack of patience, we will probably commit like never before to install patience as one of our most important assets for navigating these times of high speed, unpredictable changes.

Exercise: Replacing Impatience with Patience

  1. Acknowledge your feelings as soon as you sense impatience, irritation, or frustration.
  2. Pause what you’re doing. From your genuine heart, imagine breathing in the feeling of inner ease. Imagine with each breath that you are drawing in feelings of patience and calm.
  3. Once you shift to an attitude of patience and regain your emotional poise, breathe this feeling for a while longer to help anchor it in. Continue this exercise for a few days and your intuition will start to automatically cue you up when impatience persists.

As we commit to replacing impatience with patience, inner ease, and flow, our life’s interactions will play out with more balance, resilience, and effective choice. This can prevent much of the energy drain, fatigue, and do-overs we experience along with bringing more peace and health benefits. Results come quickly if you put your heart into it.

Patience, resilience, and caring more for each other are especially essential now for the highest and best outcomes for ourselves and collective humanity.

Suggested read: This article contains excerpts from the book Heart Intelligence. Discover more about the book here: Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart.

Adapted with permission from the HeartMath Institute.