How to Increase Heart Coherence

Heart coherence is a naturally occurring state, yet for most, it often comes and goes depending on life situations.

Our research shows we can intentionally learn to increase heart coherence, and we have found that one of the most effective ways to facilitate this is with HeartMath’s coherence-building technology.

The HeartMath tech guides you to heart coherence. It measures your coherence level in real time by analyzing your heart rate variability, HRV for short, and displaying your heart rhythm pattern.

It’s exciting to see how your thoughts and emotions can affect your heart rhythms. When practicing techniques that increase heart coherence, the visual validation using the tech is both empowering and motivational.

This unique experience is incredibly valuable, as it trains you to better know what coherence feels like, what increases it, and what may reduce it.

Based on years of scientific research, HeartMath was the first to make HRV technology available to the public, and has remained the gold standard in HRV Technology and coherence training.

Getting into heart coherence while using the technology for five minutes or more each day can help to reduce and prevent the negative effects of stress in pressured decisions, choices, and interactions.

People report feeling more centered, composed, and calm from a carryover effect.

After being in a coherent state for even a few minutes, there are several versions of HeartMath tech to choose from to suit your personal and professional needs.

Using this innovative technology along with practicing simple heart-focused techniques will allow you to experience the many benefits mentally, emotionally, and physically that increased heart coherence can provide.

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