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“The Inside Story” eBook Helps Students Understand Emotional Balance

The Inside Story uses engaging exercises, fun illustrations and “did you know” factoid boxes to explain how the brain works and how emotions affect our judgement, body and behavior. The e-book teaches a simple, effective HeartMath tool, Freeze-Frame®, to learn how to shift an emotional reaction to a more balanced response. Enjoyable and easy to […]

Inner Stillness

Inner Stillness by Doc Childre Many spiritual cultures agree inner stillness creates an energetic environment for supporting our advancing consciousness that can unleash the transformational power of our love. That’s why, from the beginning of HeartMath, many of the tools and especially the technology have been designed to monitor and facilitate easier access to stillness […]

New Guided Heart Meditations

Enrich Your Inner Balance™ Practice New Audio & Video Guided Practices, Meditations and Talks Are Now Available in the App   We have recently created some Guided Heart Meditations and Talks to enrich your practice. We have also created an Inner Balance video tour to introduce you to the features and functions on the Inner […]

Creating a Counterbalance: How to Change Stressful Perceptions and Reactions with Inner Ease

Science has shown that positive emotions can help shift and replace our stress-producing feelings and perceptions. This serves to counterbalance the depleting effects from our stressful reactions and also positively affects our psychological and physiological levels. As we increasingly take charge of our emotions, we can reduce and prevent much of the stress we experience. […]

New Science! It’s Not Just the World Wide Web That Connects Us.

We are all connected! Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., HeartMath Institute’s director of research who is heading up the Interconnectivity Research Project says, “I believe humanity is at a unique point in its evolutionary history of consciousness. We now have an opportunity and the intelligence to make more empowered choices to create a cooperative and harmoniously connected […]

Stress Facts

Understanding stress can help us know when and how to take proactive steps to reduce and prevent stress. More stress awareness helps us better care for family, friends and colleagues, as well as ourselves. Here are a few less commonly known stress facts: Fact #1: Your body doesn’t care if it’s a big stress or […]

Whisper Thoughts and Feelings

We all have them – those subtle whisper thoughts that constantly stream through our awareness. Many come and go quickly, but if a downer thought snags our attention and emotion, look out. It can quickly take us on an energy-draining ride that’s triggered by stress from self-judgment, blame and anxiety. Learn how you can better […]

The Prestigious Scientific Reports, a Nature Journal, Published a New HeartMath Institute Study

A new study by the HeartMath Institute was just published in Scientific Reports, a Nature journal. The study makes a striking correlation between people’s heart rate variability (HRV) and energetic environmental phenomena such as the electromagnetic energy from the sun, the Schumann Resonance Power (magnetic waves that circle around the Earth) and energy influxes coming […]

Emotional Composure Through Waves of Change

For every one of us, change is an inescapable part of life. It can be exciting, and it can be challenging to our comfort zones, creating disruption, anxiety and overwhelm. Many of you have reached out to us asking if we could suggest an easy way you can learn some HeartMath tools to stay balanced […]

Helping Others Following a Massive Earthquake and a Foiled Kidnapping Situation

On a mission to help survivors after the September 2017 Mexico 8.1 earthquake, Margarita Jasso, HeartMath Certified Coach & Mentor, suddenly found herself in a frightening position. Read about how she kept her cool through this unexpected situation. As told by Margarita Jasso – HeartMath Certified Coach & Mentor As a HeartMath Certified Coach & […]

HeartMath Tech Lights Up at Burning Man

At the Burning Man festival this year, artists Pablo Gonzalez Vargas and Gabriella Vargas, created Ilumina, a 40 foot high interactive light and sound sculpture powered by participants’ collective heart coherence. Each participant was hooked up to an emWave Pro and as their heart rhythms synchronized together, it lit up the light sculpture. This dazzling […]

New Inner Balance Features

New Audio Guides Tab To help you get more out of your Inner Balance Trainer, we’ve added a new tab at the bottom of your Inner Balance screen. Enjoy these new guides: Welcome to Inner Balance Inner Balance App Overview Quick Coherence Technique Reducing Stress Upgrading Mediation Getting a Better Night’s Sleep Heart-Lock In Technique […]

Raising our Vibratory Rate to Create World Peace

  Many people are wondering if humanity can ever find common ground and peace. They see polarizing beliefs and actions inciting violence. Yet, they also see thousands of people putting aside differences to work together in unity when events beyond human control occur. Whether watching in shared awe and gratitude as the total eclipse moved […]

With Today’s Challenges – Love Matters

  With world events creating so much anxiety and uncertainty, it’s becoming clearer to many of us that people working together with kindness, compassion and acceptance are the missing pieces for resetting humanity’s fast and furious trajectory into separation and division. It’s also becoming obvious that we cannot create solutions from the same consciousness level […]

Practical Intuition – More than Just a Hunch

  Intuition was once considered a mysterious gift bestowed on only a few. More recently, scientists are recognizing it as a skill that anyone can develop. Most of us have had some experience with what we call a hunch, a heart feeling, gut feeling or just a sense of “inner knowing” in making decisions in […]

Experience the Difference

Imagine being able to turn a bad day around or recover more quickly from an aggravating piece of news or a heated discussion. Breakthrough research has found that we can intentionally change our emotional state to find inner balance and a feeling of ease which increases our resilience and allows us to bounce back more […]

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart” – Confucius

While world events are happening at a dizzying rate, more and more people are awakening to the need for positive change that represents the kindest aspects of humanity. The call to show up each day as our best self that expresses inclusive love and compassion is growing stronger. Perhaps this is what Confucius meant when […]

I Choose Happiness

Happiness can range from a bubbly and buoyant feeling to a quiet and appreciative feeling and there are other variations of what one might call happiness. One of the most important things we can do that supports our happiness is to build our self-awareness about what we are choosing to focus on? Is it the […]

3 Ways To Enrich the Holiday Experience

It’s the holiday season and many of us are thinking about gifts that will be meaningful representations of our love and appreciation for the people in our lives. Gifts come in many forms, from things we give to experiences we share, to deeper connections with others. Gifts can also be ways we care for ourselves. […]

How to Not Flip Out When Tensions Run High

Ticked off, impatient, short fused and irritated as heck. Lately it seems that tension is running higher than usual for a lot of people. More than ever patience levels are being challenged for even the most composed individuals. From weather related events, to an unexpected health crisis, to job insecurity and financial turmoil, to shocking […]


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