How Coherence Technology Activates your Larger Intelligence

HeartMath founder Doc Childre created coherence technology to help people activate their larger intelligence. Here are some highlights of what occurs as you use the Inner Balance™ Coherence Plus or emWave®, to inspire your practice.

  • Regular daily practice with coherence tech will prepare you for more effective living whether your coherence scores are high or low. Practicing heart rhythm coherence with Inner Balance or emWave coherence technology for even a few minutes has a carryover effect into your next conversation or activity. The carryover effect can facilitate more flow and clarity during day-to-day communications and activities — moving in a state of ease and choosing your actions and reactions rather than mechanically responding in the same old stress-producing ways. 
  • When people have a lot of mental work to do – and most of us do – the practice of using coherence technology can give you a smoother mental ride. Heart rhythm coherence activates higher centers of the brain that enhance compassion and the desire to help others develop their higher potentials.
  • Getting into HRV coherence for five minutes or more at the start of your day accumulates higher vibrational energy, which translates into more consciousness (and effectiveness) in your interactions and intentions. Look at using coherence technology like a gas tank you are filling as you practice increasing your coherence. Heart rhythm coherence releases neurochemicals that lift your emotional system and help clear your thinking.  In higher vibrational energy we have increased capacity to manage our energies, actions, and reactions, and we experience more synchronicities and clearer choices. 
  • Studies have found that with simple regular use of coherence technology, people increase their coherence baseline (the amount of coherence naturally occurring in their heart rhythms when at rest). Raising your coherence baseline can support behavior changes you want to make. As your baseline increases, it benefits your health, wellbeing and happiness, and adds empowerment to your intentions.
  • Many people who use the emWave, Inner Balance Coherence Plus sensor with the HeartMath app, or the Global Coherence™ app during meditation say that the coherence feedback saves them time and energy because it signals them when they drift or spin out of focus (which we all do at times) and signals them when they’re back. The coherence feedback especially helps them learn to slow their thoughts and emotions into a smooth rhythm, so that their internal systems can operate more in sync. This strengthens the connection with the heart’s intuitive feelings and guidance. 
  • Increasing heart rhythm coherence during meditation helps to align and coordinate thoughts and emotions with your heart’s intuitive guidance, so that mixed agendas or mixed signals don’t scramble the mind. This translates into increased clarity and effectiveness. You can use coherence tech to set an intention then align your heart (feeling) with your visualization or affirmation (thought) to create the highest outcome. As heart energy is added to intention, it aligns you more with the power of your spirit. You add power to your intentions, visualizations, and affirmations. As you activate the coherent power of your heart, it brings your heart, mind and nervous system into alignment to magnetize the highest best to you and your facilitation of others.  
  • As you strengthen your experience of coherent heart feelings, such as love, appreciation, care, compassion, kindness, etc. and breathe them into your system while using coherence tech, you can purposefully imprint them into your intentions for better health, genuine communication, clearer thinking, creativity, anything you want to improve. Practicing this heart-coherent alignment helps clear old negative patterning stored in the cells, releasing more power for creative intention and manifestation from your true self.

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