Special Care Focus, Meditation/Prayer to the Israel-Hamas Conflict

Join us in a Global Heart Session for radiating care and compassion to the Israel-Hamas conflict anytime you choose, or during synchronized times from today through Friday, October 20 at 4 a.m., noon, and 8 p.m. PT (minus 8 hours GMT/UTC). Allow 10 to 15 minutes or whatever is convenient.

You can use the simple Compassion Care Focus below, or any method that is comfortable for your heart.

Compassion Care Focus for the Israel-Hamas Conflict:

1. Focus on your heart and breathe in the intentional feeling of love and compassion.

2. Now create a genuine heart connection with people across the globe who are sending love and compassion to the situation in Israel and Gaza. 

3. Imagine leaders around the world cooperating effectively to help end this war and suffering.

4. Now radiate deep care and compassion to all people enduring the unimaginable consequences of this conflict, or any aspect that’s heavy in your heart.

Note: Try to manage your personal emotions through these times the best you can. Managing emotions is not about cutting off our feelings. It’s about not letting anger, fear, and worry override the effectiveness of the care we’re putting out, even though it’s understandably hard at times. Don’t worry about getting it just right. All genuine heart counts.

Thank you for your care,