Why Heart Coherence Matters

Whether you’re looking for a sense of purpose, increasing your performance, reducing stress or just feeling better, heart coherence can make a measurable difference in your life.

Research has shown that when we are in higher coherence we experience more emotional balance, sharper mental focus, increased resilience and less stressful emotions like anxiety and feeling overwhelmed.

 How might this look in daily life?

Stressful and anxiety-producing situations are part of life, and are often out of our control.

The one thing we can control is our response to whatever comes our way. Taking a minute or two to increase heart coherence allows us to ease anxious thoughts and bring in a feeling of balanced calm. With increased coherence we can respond from our best self.

Many complex decisions require us ­­to weigh out multiple options in order to choose the best direction.

Intentionally increasing our heart coherence improves mental clarity and heightens our intuitive and creative skills. Learning to increase coherence opens the door to the intelligence and discrimination needed when it matters most.

Also increasing heart coherence promotes wholeness healing. For example, a study published in Global Advances in Health and Medicine,  showed that being in a heart-coherent state for a couple of minutes was been found to lower mean blood pressure by an average of 10 points in people with high blood pressure.

Many people also find that getting into heart coherence at the start of prayer, meditation or mindfulness exercises helps them maintain a heartfelt focus that enhances their experience.

In essence, shifting into the state of heart coherence provides important benefits for our mind, body and emotions –helping us  think better, feel better and live better leading to  a new, expanded outlook on life.