What is Heart Coherence?

A new video explains heart coherence in simple, easy to understand language.

Heart Coherence is a high performance and healthy statephysically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually— that brings out the very best in us.

The term coherence implies harmonious order, connectedness, stability and efficient use of energy.

Coherence can be seen all around us when we observe life through the lens of the heart.  The beauty and intricate balance of nature is a magnificent demonstration of coherence.

Increased coherence happens at times within the human experience too. For example, most of us have had days where everything seemed to flow. We felt good – composed and clear; we were able to adapt quickly to whatever came our way with balance and poise. 

In the 1990’s HeartMath Institute researchers, identified a physiological state called heart coherence —  a type of coherence that occurs when our body’s systems, our breathing, heart rhythms, brain rhythms and hormonal response, are in sync with each other.

They also discovered that heart coherence not only affects physical processes, but also our mental and emotional balance and composure. Their research showed that heart coherence can be self-generated leading to less mental and emotional stress and more inner security and stability. In summary, Heart Coherence is a synchronized and empowering state, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, allowing us to become our best selves.