Inner Peace through Inner Ease

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”

— Dalai Lama

We hope to find peace in our lives when challenged by the trials that come our way. We seek to reach agreements for lasting peace between people and nations. We desire peace for ourselves and between all people and all nations.

There are many helpful suggestions and paths for creating peace. More people are realizing that peace is first an “inside job.” At HeartMath, we have found that creating inner peace often starts with practicing what we call “inner ease”. HeartMath founder Doc Childre developed a science-based “Inner Ease” technique to help people experience living more from a state of ease.

Inner peace or inner ease is not something we try to find – it’s something we learn to create.

Moving through your day in a state of ease generates an energetic field of ease and flow that radiates from your heart, which also helps to make other’s lives easier.

Below is the simple Inner-Ease technique to try for yourself and you can also read Doc’s inspiring article: “Moving in a State of Ease” excerpted from the book Heart Intelligence.

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Inner-Ease Technique

  1. If you are stressed, acknowledge your feelings as soon as you sense that you are out of sync or engaged in common stressors – feelings such as frustration, impatience, anxiety, overload, anger, being judgmental, mentally gridlocked, etc.
  2. Take a short time-out and do Heart-Focused Breathing: Breathe a little slower than usual; pretend you are breathing through your heart or chest area.
  3. During the Heart-Focused Breathing, imagine with each breath that you are drawing in a feeling of inner-ease and infusing your mental and emotional nature with balance and self-care from your heart.
  4. When the stressful feelings have calmed, affirm with a heartfelt commitment that you want to anchor and maintain the state of ease as you re-engage in your projects, challenges or daily interactions. Reboot when needed.

Benefits and practical applications of Inner Ease

  • Start your day by doing the Inner Ease steps, along with the commitment to breathe an attitude of inner-ease when convenient throughout the day. This helps to integrate the benefits of your “Inner Ease” practice into your normal routine and interactions.
  • As you proceed through the day, “Inner Ease” helps to prevent the mind’s impatience and distractions from overriding the intuitive whispers of your higher choices and directions.
  • Acting from a place of inner ease is a “heart intelligent” skill that creates more effective management and distribution of personal energy. Personal energy economy is becoming a top priority in today’s emotional climate.
  • Inner ease reduces regrets and energy drain from non-effective decisions.
  • While you are in the flow of inner ease, you travel the straightest line toward the manifestation of your intentions.

At HeartMath, we practice this technique and remind each other as needed to “go to ease” or “breathe ease” during the workday. Our sincere heart’s desire is that every individual, group and organization learns to move with more ease and peace. The peace and ease we experience within are our greatest hope for peace without.

Read Doc’s inspiring article: “Moving in a State of Ease” excerpted from the book Heart Intelligence.

Download Excerpt