10 Ways to Extend the Vacation Feeling

Don’t settle back into “the usual” so fast. We can keep the feeling of vacation a little longer by slowly returning to routines, especially while the weather is good and the days longer. Be creative — there are plenty of simple, fun activities that have a little vacation feeling.

Here’s a short list to have fun and experiment with:

  1. Keep spontaneity alive after vacation — it can make any day feel more fun.
  2. Instead of rushing home after work, pick-up some already prepared foods and head to the park for an “after work” picnic with family and friends.
  3. Vacations aren’t the only time to unplug. Avoid the pitfalls of routine and challenge yourself to not check your emails after work hours.
  4. While the season is still favorable for fruit, make some fun foods like a watermelon boat stuffed with a fruit salad, or fresh fruit smoothies or homemade ice cream with fresh fruit.
  5. Get the kids outside at night for a fun family evening. Make popcorn, watch the stars, or play cards by the light of a lantern.
  6. Take vacation photos and use them to reconnect with special moments. Frame them, take them to work, or make a slide show for your personal computer.
  7. Remember to instill feelings of appreciation daily and use the Inner-Ease or Notice and Ease tools.
  8. Spend a couple moments each day and recall how it felt on vacation — the warm-hearted memories. Hold the feeling in focus for a few moments. Recalling positive emotions can help off-set stress.
  9. Instead of a weekend full of just chores, take one morning to fly a kite at the beach, or go see local attractions that are new to your area — keep it simple and fun.
  10. Make time to watch the sunset – or if you’re an early riser watch a sunrise. Both are moments of pure beauty that can kindle feelings of gratitude!

Taking time to extend the vacation feeling is good for your heart, mind and body–making life more enjoyable!