Holiday Message from HeartMath

Inspirational sunrise

The holidays can magnify our care, kindness and connection…yet they can also magnify separating energies like blame, chaos and emotional instability. To consciously rise above and reduce these down-spiraling tendencies, practice having genuine compassionate care for each other’s views and concerns.

Make heart-firm commitments to add compassion, kindness, patience and latitude as you interact with others and with yourself. Realize that we are all doing the best we can, even if it’s not always the best of who we are in that moment.

Doing these practices during the holiday time can reduce stress accumulation and increase the connection to our heart’s intelligent guidance for the best way to respond to whatever life brings us.

Love, kindness and compassion are baseline heart qualities for practical, uncomplicated spirituality. Innately many people may sense this, but we have to activate it.

Let’s do this together as we enter into the New Year, a year when increased care for each other can make a significant difference – particularly during these changing times.

Happy holidays and thank you for letting us be included in your journey.

With genuine care,
Doc Childre, HeartMath founder