Time to Hit the Refresh Button

A friend of mine picked up a book to help him finally clear the clutter in his office. He placed it at the top of his ‘have to read’ pile and decided to get a head start by sorting through the pile right then and there. Guess what he found when he finally reached the bottom of the pile? The same book!

Most of us have drawers, closets and inboxes, so full we’ve lost track of what’s in them. Not to mention that when they‘re full, there’s no room for new stuff.

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you get rid of what you no longer need or want, new things start to show up?

It’s the same with ideas, beliefs, or emotional attachments. Whatever your threshold (how big is your closet?) is for holding onto old notions or behaviors, once you reach that limit, there’s no room for anything new until you discard some of the old.

Why not attract something new into your life? Pick an aspect of your life ― work, play, family, etc. ― that needs updating or a new energy, attitude or behavior. Then use the Quick Coherence technique to quiet the ‘yea buts, what ifs and just in cases’ and from a coherent perspective ask your heart what to let go.

Be patient and stay neutral until you get an answer. Don’t be surprised or afraid of what pops up. Then let it go, knowing there is now room in your life for new, fun and exciting things.

And, oh yes, this works when you’re ready to clear out those closets, too!

Take care,
Kim Allen

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