New Inner Balance Features

New Audio Guides Tab

To help you get more out of your Inner Balance Trainer, we’ve added a new tab  at the bottom of your Inner Balance screen.
Enjoy these new guides:

  • Welcome to Inner Balance
  • Inner Balance App Overview
  • Quick Coherence Technique
  • Reducing Stress
  • Upgrading Mediation
  • Getting a Better Night’s Sleep
  • Heart-Lock In Technique with Music

Backgrounding Functionality

Now, when using your Inner Balance Bluetooth Sensor*, you can switch to other applications without interrupting your session. Here are a few ways you can enjoy this new backgrounding feature while practicing coherence on your Inner Balance:

  • Play or change music from your favorite music app.
  • Make or answer a phone call.
  • Send or respond to a text message.
  • Open up a text editor to take notes of your insights.
  • Add an action item to your to-do list.

* Please note that this new backgrounding feature only works with the Inner Balance Bluetooth sensor.

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