When Life Happens, Try This Ease Technique!

On a recent trip to visit my family, my husband and I were on our way to the airport and I felt like I might be getting a cold. The day after we arrived I woke up feeling much worse. As our vacation continued I also wasn’t sleeping at night. I thought okay, this isn’t what I had in mind for vacation, but I knew the quicker I could go to a place of acceptance the easier it would be for me to deal with being sick. I found myself using the HeartMath Inner-Ease™ technique (see below or click here for steps of Inner-Ease technique) throughout our trip. I knew it would help me to conserve my energy so I could use it for both healing and to put towards my family.

While still sick and fatigued, my spirits were good from having quality time with my family. If nothing else sharing physical space together for several days was enough to be grateful for. On the last day when my husband and I stopped to drop off our rental car it became obvious that the weather was quickly turning bleak. Once at the airport we immediately checked the flight schedules and saw that our flight was on time.

As soon as we arrived at our gate the airline announced the flight would now be a little delayed due to severe weather. No problem, it’s that time of year we thought. My husband and I set our intention to stay positive knowing soon we’d have our plane and be off. With delay announcements continuing every 60 minutes for several hours, nine hours later we finally had a plane. All the passengers lined up to board only to now be told we had no pilot. Apparently, the pilot was now off duty.

The immediate shock of this news, still feeling quite poorly, and being extremely tired meant we weren’t going anywhere until the next day — and we were going to miss work as a result. By this time it was after 11:00 pm. We quickly arrested our fatigued frustration using the Quick Coherence technique and returned to our attitude of inner ease. We did a quick survey of local accommodations – what luck, we got a room!

A little after midnight, as our shuttle pulled up in front of the hotel, my husband’s cell phone rang. It was the hotel calling to inform us they no longer had our room available even though we had given a deposit to hold it and we were right out front. Again, we were presented with an opportunity to go even deeper in the heart and hold our inner ease.

Gaby and JimBack to the airport we went. By this time sleep deprivation and lack of food, having been fifteen hours since we last ate, were adding to the surreal feeling of it all. Everything in the airport was closed; it was like being in a very weird dream. Again, I found myself referring back to my heart tools. Quick Coherence and Inner Ease were my tools of choice throughout our trip.

On the flight home I reflected on the experience and appreciated just how well these tools worked. I also appreciated myself for my efforts to keep a casual ease attitude with what could have been a very stressful situation. It also further confirmed for me the power within each of us to choose and create how we want to respond to life and its unpredictable events.

The Inner-Ease Technique

The simple steps of Notice and Ease teaches us to settle into the moment, take intensity out of any negative emotions and ease them out so we can experience more good feelings such as joy, compassion and vitality. These positive emotions can increase the biochemical DHEA, which promotes emotional vitality, slows the aging process and offsets the stress hormone cortisol.



Step 1: Heart-Focused Breathing

Focus your attention in the area of the heart. Imagine your breath is flowing in and out of your heart or chest area, breathing a little slower and deeper than usual.

Suggestion: Inhale 5 seconds, exhale 5 seconds (or whatever rhythm is comfortable).



Step 2: Draw in the Feeling of Inner Ease

With each breath, draw in the feeling of inner ease to balance your mental and emotional energy.



Step 3: Anchor and Maintain the Feeling

Set a meaningful intent to anchor the feeling of inner ease as you engage in your projects, challenges or daily interactions.


Quick Steps

  • Heart-Focused Breathing
  • Draw in the feeling of inner ease
  • Anchor and maintain the feeling

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