Saying Goodbye to Insomnia: A Father & Son Success Story

Peter shares his story about his father below. Being extremely concerned for his father’s well-being, he insisted his father give HeartMath® a try.

“My father began having terrible bouts with insomnia. He would sleep 1-2 hours a night, sometimes not at all, and it became evident that he was in a cycle that I had once been in — a cycle of stress leading to insomnia leading to depression leading to more stress, and of course more insomnia.

When my father came to me with his insomnia problem he had already developed high blood pressure from the stress and was taking medication for it. The doctors had given him a leading prescription sleep sedative and a host of other unsavory prescription drugs to help him get to sleep. At one point he was taking more than one sedative a night and still not sleeping.

I had mentioned the emWave2® to him multiple times, but he was skeptical and labeled it a ‘holistic’ approach. The issue persisted for months with my dad going back to the hospital multiple times a week for sleep studies, blood tests, MRI’s — the whole medical nine yards. Nothing was working.

My family and I became tremendously worried, my father was 67 years old, and his health was waning rapidly. His blood pressure issue was only getting worse. He became disillusioned with the treatment options he was being given, but I implored him one night and showed him the HeartMath diagram that outlines stress and explains how coherence training works.

He purchased an emWave that night and began his HRV training. Two weeks later, he had reduced the amount of sedatives he was taking back down to one a night. Two months later, he was cutting them in half. I visited him earlier this week and I’m happy to say his blood pressure has normalized, and he’s completely independent of this sedative and working with his health professional has been able to stop all the other prescriptions he had been taking.

The only variable that had changed was the emWave. I’d like to give my warmest thanks to HeartMath for this. Your work gave my father back his life, and has made me a better person.

I try to tell people about HRV training with the emWave whenever I can because it has had such a profound impact on my life and the lives of my family members. I feel as though this technology could literally reshape the world if more people knew about it.”

-Peter Martinez