The Resilient Heart: Tammy & Reynir – Divorce wasn’t the only answer

For years they were at war with each other. They would avoid communicating with each other at all costs because it was inevitable that it would end in a screaming match. They met with a psychologist to talk about divorce as a solution. Instead the psychologist introduced Tammy and Reynir to HeartMath. Through HeartMath tools and emWave practice they soon learned that while they thought they were listening, they had never really heard each other. The years of stacked feelings of hurt, frustration and judgments were blocking their ability to really hear the other person. They used HeartMath tools and the emWave PSR as a method that allowed them to take individual responsibility for what they brought to their conversations. Through simple daily practices they learned how to really hear the other and how to talk with each other from a place of care and compassion, and at times even disagree with each other but without the drama. The experience has brought them closer together. Tammy says, “Reynir and I have fallen in love all over again.”

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