The Resilient Heart: John Kirk. 6 heart attacks later!

John is a 57 year old male with reversed congestive heart failure and reversed diabetes type 2. John has had 6 heart attacks, five angioplasties, and a double CABG bypass. John’s cardiologist introduced him to HeartMath® and John learned how to use HeartMath’s Freeze Frame® technique to stop any stressful emotions that would otherwise exacerbate his physical challenges. He uses the emWave frequently and says that this has played a great part in his ability to change his unhealthy habits and keep him focused. John says he never would have believed the effects possible had he not tried it. John is now free of his air tank most of the time. He has also lost over 70 pounds and continues to lose. He now walks 2 miles a day on his treadmill, and he does 4 miles a day on a recumbent bike, 100 sit-ups, 60 squats, and 50 calf extensions. John is a walking miracle and we’re so glad he’s here to share his story.

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