Results-oriented approach improves employee job satisfaction

Researchers at the University of Minnesota recently conducted a study wherein several units of a national business implemented a program called Results Only Work Environment (ROWE).

The system entailed refocusing staff and managers on measurable outcomes as well as allowing employees to create their own schedules and choose where they would work.

“With these changes in the workplace, employees gained control over the time and timing of their work in ways that benefited them and, by extension, their families and communities,” said co-author Erin Kelly.

The research showed that when managers relinquished control over scheduling, the turnover during the eight-month trial period was just 6 percent, compared to 11 percent of the business units that did not implement ROWE.

While some employers may believe that flexible scheduling is only important to employees with children, it was shown that the program was beneficial for all workers, regardless of gender, age, position, income or perception of job security.

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