Mental health care is integral to a healthy, productive staff

Most organizations offer their employees health insurance coverage, which typically includes visual and dental. However, when they fail to provide coverage for mental health services, they may be putting staff members at risk of depression or chronic anxiety.

Additionally, the uncertain job market appears to be resulting in increased workplace stress, which may exacerbate underlying mental or emotional issues.

“Stress at work and at home triggers depression,” said Neil Korsen, medical director for MaineHealth’s Mental Health Integration program, quoted by The Portland Press Herald. “And people are more likely to be stressed if they feel they don’t have control.”

Korsen added that an estimated 10 to 20 percent of individuals experience depression at some point in their lives, making the presence of the condition among staffers statistically very likely.

The Mayo Clinic supports claims that chronic stress can lead to depression. Additionally, the medical source reports that individuals with anxiety cannot perform their daily tasks optimally, making daily life more difficult.

These findings suggest that employee wellness programs that provide workers with tools and resources for stress management may be effective in creating a healthier, more productive staff.