Blogger offers tips to gain a healthy sleep pattern

The Franklin Institute reports that stress and sleep disturbances are strongly associated with one another. An uneasy mind may find it difficult to achieve sleep at night, while a tired brain may be more susceptible to experiencing stress.

As a result, organizations that wish to boast a healthier, more productive staff should provide workers with tools and resources to manage stress as well as tips on achieving a good night’s rest.

According to Carol Scott, M.D., a blogger for the website Fast Company, individuals should avoid substances like caffeine, nicotine and alcohol in the four to six hours leading up to bedtime. These drugs can hinder one’s ability to fall asleep or reduce the quality of rest.

A clean, cool, dark bedroom is also key in developing healthy sleep patterns. Also, bed should only be used for sleep, sex and rest, according to the medical expert.

Scott recommended that individuals let the sun be their guiding light in the morning. Having the shades open to let the sunlight in during the waking hours can prep the body and mind for the day ahead.

Employee wellness programs have also been shown to help reduce workplace stress and gear staffers toward a healthier, more productive life.

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