3 Minutes of This Recharges Your Mind & Body

More and more acts of kindness between people are being celebrated. With social media as part of our modern culture these stories are being captured and shared daily. Their viral appeal has a contagious effect that nurtures the positive qualities of humanity.

In addition to these celebrated acts of kindness there are also many other ways we add kindness to the world. They’re unlikely to be captured and shared on social media but they count just as much.

Unseen acts of kindness are an extension of our core heart qualities such as patience, compassion, care, appreciation, respect, tolerance, acceptance and love. Each time we choose to act on a core heart quality we’re adding kindness to our world – and we’re creating positive change in the world.

We are all interconnected in an energetic field environment and unseen acts of kindness ripple outward in the form of energetic contributions to our surroundings. Our thoughts, attitudes and emotions radiate outside ourselves affecting others whether we are conscious of it or not.

Here’s an example, think of a time when you walked into a room and nothing was said yet you could feel the tension in the room. What we’re feeling is the energetic environment in the room.

Conversely, you might enter a room and feel an uplift when the people in the room are collectively excited about something positive that just happened and we can feel it before anyone utters a word.

The HeartMath Institute has studied this energetic field environment and the electromagnetic energy we as individuals emit. They found when people touch or are in close proximity there is an actual transfer of energy. The heart’s electromagnetic field (the most powerful rhythmic energy field produced by the body) can be detected by other individuals and can produce measurable effects in a person a few feet away.

We’re always creating an effective or ineffective field environment with whatever thoughts, feelings and attitudes we are experiencing or putting out. Knowing this allows us to consciously choose to make contributions of kindness wherever and whenever we want.

So the next time our work colleague is being cranky, we can set an intention to trade our impatience for a compassionate attitude – knowing that is unseen kindness.

If our significant other does that annoying thing again, take a pause, breathe the attitude of care through the heart or chest area and choose to not deliver an irritated response, instead find a kinder, gentler way to respond.

If we get home and discover that we’re missing items from our grocery bag we might naturally feel frustrated, but then we can choose to focus in the heart and reset – it’s better for our health and for the field environment. Then tune into how to recoup the items with all the patience and kindness we would want to receive should the roles be reversed.

Unseen kindness is equally as important with how we treat our self. Our inner attitudes and self-talk also contribute to the energetic field environment. So let’s remember to be kind and gentle with our self as much as with others because it all counts and adds to creating a kinder world.

To learn more about the energetic field environment refer to the new book, Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart.