3 Life Hacks for Creating Emotional Resilience

Increasing resilience will amplify the intensity and duration of positive emotional experiences. The desire for ease, enthusiasm, and pleasurable life experiences are universal, and will serve you well in dealing with all types of challenges, from financial or career concerns to interpersonal relationships, health issues and inconveniences.

Choose the Right Attitude

When we start a new day, it is a good practice to take a few moments and get still inside, before the flurry of the day really kicks in. Still the mind and focus on the heart. Ask, “How would I like my day to go?” Then ask, “What attitude would help me to align with this intention?”

Once the attitude is in focus, and we’re really feeling it, breathe that feeling associated with the intended attitude for a couple minutes. Carry this attitude throughout the day. When possible, take a brief break to refresh the intention and the attitude.

Keep a Sense of Humor

When our days get busy and we’re juggling a lot of responsibility, we can sometimes lose sight of humor and our lighter side. Humor allows us to put life into perspective. When we feel weighted down by the day, it is good to check in with ourselves to see if we’re using more mind than heart. If so, try to create a small window of time (try this on a lunch break or during an afternoon break) to allow the mind to get quiet and to rebalance the partnership between our mind and heart.

Avoid Drama

Drama and over-significance bleeds our energy reserves. It can often happen when we’re repeatedly turning over thoughts about what someone said or something that happened that didn’t suit us. Each time we replay these thoughts, or continue talking about a scenario that wasn’t ideal, we’re adding energy to it.

The question to ask ourselves is whether or not this is where we want to spend our energy. Is it something we can really let go of, and move on? Or, if it is something deeply concerning, try to set it aside the best you can until you can have a productive discussion. Talk with someone you know will listen and that can provide honest input to help find the clarity needed in order to move forward.

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