The Wisdom Codes – an Insightful New Book by My Friend Gregg Braden

My friend and longtime supporter and friend of HeartMath, Gregg Braden, has a new book out. It’s titled The Wisdom Codes, and I want to share my impressions of it with you.

In many of Gregg’s works, he speaks about the truth and power taken from ancient traditions and gives this information new meaning and relevance in today’s times. This theme is carried forward in his new book, but his approach in The Wisdom Codes is certainly a bit different for him and his readers.

In The Wisdom Codes, Gregg shares and analyzes carefully selected pieces of scripture, parables and quotes from ancient cultures: Hindu, Egyptian, Christian and more. The content he has chosen to study relates to many challenges we all face like Fear, Loss, Protection and Love.

He then brilliantly breaks down the linguistics and the deeper meaning of each one, each Code. In essence, he decodes them, exposing the true power of what has been shared with us for thousands of years through the greatest spiritual traditions. What I especially like is that he then takes it a step further by showing the reader the Code and how to practice and use it to create change. 

Throughout the book, being the scientist that he is, Gregg provides interesting scientific information and new understanding about the power our words have in how we think, feel, perceive and shape our individual and collective worlds.

This is a lovely, compact book. The Codes and the information about each one are presented and organized clearly so you can easily get to the information you want, making it easier to practice and apply the learning.

The Wisdom Codes gave me a new understanding about what we have been taught through the writings of great, intuitive, aware people who lived and shared long before us and how their words can provide valuable guidance and insight needed for humanity to take its next steps into a new and much better world.

Hats off to Gregg for another great book that I am sure will benefit many people!

Howard Martin