New Science! It’s Not Just the World Wide Web That Connects Us.

We are all connected!

Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., HeartMath Institute’s director of research who is heading up the Interconnectivity Research Project says, “I believe humanity is at a unique point in its evolutionary history of consciousness. We now have an opportunity and the intelligence to make more empowered choices to create a cooperative and harmoniously connected world.”

More people than ever are being nudged from their hearts to take more self-responsibility for the attitudes, thoughts and feelings that they are “feeding the energetic field” that connects us all.

This is why HeartMath Institute (HMI) is conducting research on the interconnectivity between human consciousness and Earth’s energetic systems as well as between people and other living systems, such as animals and trees.

There is evidence that Earth’s magnetic fields help to synchronize, energize and support the interconnection of all living systems. Science is only scratching the surface of the many benefits to come from increased conscious awareness of our interconnectivity with others, animals, trees and nature.

You can be an essential part of this ground-breaking research on interconnectedness which is needed in these times of world uncertainty.

2018 Research Focus:

Human-Earth Connectivity/Interconnectivity – examining new ways in which all living things (humans, animals, trees and more) are interconnected, and exploring the many untapped benefits from harmonious interactions between these powerful kingdoms of creation.
Global and Group Coherence – By working together to consciously increase the coherence in the global field environment, we can intentionally increase our consciousness vibration which is the foundation for personal and global peace and cooperation.

If you can, please support the Institute’s Interconnectivity Research Project so this important work can continue. HMI’s research team is committed to creating easier and more effective tools for us to manifest a happier and more secure future

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