Stress relief techniques can ease grief

Sometimes, a bereavement period is not enough to help workers heal from a significant loss. After coming back to work after a short time off, some employees may experience high levels of workplace stress as they continue to experience grief on top of carrying out daily responsibilities.

As a result, some extra help may be needed. Stress expert and author Lauren Miller said that methods meant to relieve anxiety can be helpful for the bereaved, since the physical reactions to trauma can be similar to those of stress.

“When trauma of any kind enters into your life, your body goes into a freeze. Your breathing becomes shallow, your left brain stops communicating with the right brain and you experience a ‘deer in the headlights’ response to life,” Miller said.

This suggests that employee wellness programs that promote holistic and healthy ways to alleviate stress could be helpful to workers in more ways than one.

Healthy living and stress management have been shown to be powerful tools in maintaining a positive mood, staying focused and dealing with the everyday stressors of life, in addition to those that pop up unexpectedly.

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