Quick exercises may help reduce workplace stress

For many individuals, taking an hour-long break from work to head to the gym is not feasible. However, there are some exercises that can help get blood pumping and reduce workplace stress without having to leave the office.

According to the Daily News and Analysis, workers who exercise regularly feel better able to handle their workday tasks. The news source gave some recommendations for activities that one can do in the comfort of their cubicle.

Squats involve simply bending the knees as one exhales, with the back and upper body held straight and engaged, and rising back up on the inhale. Sets of 25 twice per day should be enough to stimulate blood flow and strengthen leg muscles.

Also, toe-touches may help to engage the core during midday breaks. Begin standing with feet together, hands in the air and back arched slightly. Hinging at the hips and keeping knees straight – but not locked – bend forward and touch the toes. This should be repeated 20 to 30 times.

According to the Mayo Clinic, intense workplace stress can affect mental and physical health, as well as damage interpersonal relationships.