Low salaries may be inducing workplace stress

More than heavy workloads, long hours and a lack of opportunity for advancement, low salaries are causing anxiety in U.S. workers, according to an American Psychological Association (APA) survey.

The research revealed that about half of the surveyed employees named their wages as the number one cause of their workplace stress, while 43 percent cited a dismal forecast for opportunities and overwhelming responsibilities as reasons why they feel tension at work.

Additionally, a total of 40 percent of respondents said that their employers have unrealistic expectations of their work capacity and 39 percent said that long workdays are a big source of stress.

Experts at the APA said that employers should address these issues and focus on employee wellness if they want to boast a thriving business.

“Creating a psychologically healthy workplace is good for employees and business results,” said Norman Anderson, Ph.D., CEO of the APA.. “This is a growing trend and it is our hope that all organizations will eventually have some type of psychologically healthy workplace program.”

Results of the survey suggest that many organizations may be in need of employee wellness programs that help workers manage their stress and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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