Key factors in implementing an employee wellness program

As with most programs and business strategies, proper implementation is key in attaining success.

An article in Benefits Canada reports that building an effective wellness initiative begins with upper management, making sure that they see the value in a program and will provide support and assistance to ensure that the company is getting the most out of its wellness dollars.

Additionally, the news source recommends manager involvement in building a strategy for a program and integrating it in a way that makes sense for the business.

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety reports that companies should compile baseline employee health and benefit data before beginning an initiative. This will help administrators choose a program tailored to the companies needs. Additionally, the information will allow employers to compare employee wellness before and after an effort is implemented.

Inter-office promotion of an initiative is key to educating staff members on the new program, its benefits and how to participate, according to the organization. This may be done by placing posters throughout the workplace, through face-to-face communication, during demonstration meetings and by email.

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