Intense workplace stress comes with warning signs

A big part of reducing workplace stress levels is helping employees recognize the signs of overwhelming anxiety so they can take proactive measures to reduce or prevent the negative effects of workplace stress.

Nonprofit organization reports that employees who experience chronic tension may be less productive than their calmer counterparts, and that stress can lead to mental and physical disorders.

Some of the more obvious signs of intense workplace stress include irritability, depression, apathy and loss of interest, according to the source. Additionally, workers may begin to feel fatigued during the day and sleepless at night.

Stress can manifest itself physically in the form of muscle tension, headaches, gastrointestinal problems and loss of sex drive, the nonprofit reports.

The American Psychological Association recommends that individuals take the warning signs of stress seriously. Recognizing the symptoms of intense stress can help people take proactive measures to manage their anxiety in a healthy way, possibly leading to better overall health.

Employee wellness programs that provide tools and resources for stress management may help workers become more cognizant of their mental state, which may, in turn, improve employee performance and lead to a healthier staff.

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