HeartMath offers stress reduction techniques

In her first blog post on stress relief, Deborah Rozman, president and CEO of Quantum Intech, Inc., the parent company of HeartMath, describes a simple, three-step technique called ‘Notice and Ease’ that can help those who experience regular workplace stress to bring down their heart rates and calm their minds.

First, individuals need to notice and recognize what they are experiencing. It requires bringing the mind back into the present moment and engaging in introspection to identify feelings.

Then, try to put a name on that feeling. The user should be honest with themselves about this to help slow down any racing emotions, Rozman said.

Lastly, while focusing on the heart, visualize negative feelings slowly easing out of the body.

Rozman said that individuals who regularly use this one-minute technique may see significant benefits as they begin to gain control over their stressed-out feelings.

“By noticing and admitting what you are feeling – anxiety, frustration, tension, etc. and gently focusing on your heart and relaxing as you breathe – you can e-a-s-e out a lot of the stressful feelings,” Rozman said.

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