Experience the Difference

Imagine being able to turn a bad day around or recover more quickly from an aggravating piece of news or a heated discussion.

Breakthrough research has found that we can intentionally change our emotional state to find inner balance and a feeling of ease which increases our resilience and allows us to bounce back more quickly from daily stressors.

The emotional state of inner balance is marked by a smooth heart rhythm pattern, called a coherent waveform.

With just a few minutes of daily practice with the Inner Balance™ Bluetooth sensor and app, you can watch your heart rhythm pattern become more coherent and feel the difference in your emotional balance, mental clarity and much more.

Inner Balance

Using the Inner Balance app has numerous benefits such as:

  • Release and prevent overwhelm
  • Shift stress-producing emotional states
  • Experienceinner stillness
  • Enhance mental clarity
  • Access intuition for making better choices
  • Improve performance
  • Increase energy and resilience
  • Sleep better