Eric’s Story of Sleeplessness and What he Did to Build his Resilience

“I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that the Heart Lock-In saved my marriage—and possibly my life,” says Eric, age 35. “A year ago, I started a new company. My wife and 2-year-old daughter and I were the perfect postcard family, complete with my wife’s belly-bump of our expected son. Then, shortly after our new little guy was born, the world pretty much blew up in my face.

We expected a month or two of sleepless nights, which we experienced when our daughter was born. But it was soon clear that this new baby was a whole different story. We started calling him ‘the sleepless wonder.’ We talked to the pediatrician and he told us that it’s more and more common for infants to sleep sporadically and very little.

By the time the baby was six months old my ‘perfect’ life was in tatters. My wife was exhausted, our now-3-year-old was acting out in jealous anger at her brother’s constant intrusion into her world, our once-tidy house was in shambles, and I had dark circles under my eyes that looked like I was back on the football field in college with shiners painted on to catch the sun. I had paced many miles around our living room, all night long, night after night, trying to soothe a crying, restless baby while my wife pleaded with me to let her sleep so she could face the next day. After a while, my body went through a change and I developed a new pattern—the inability to sleep even when I had the opportunity. My new business was floundering and I was too tired to know what to do about it. The stress was taking a toll.

Then a friend turned me on to the Heart Lock-In technique and showed me how to do it. She’s a HeartMath coach, and explained the physiological benefits and gave me a HeartMath music CD called Quiet Joy. When I did my first Heart Lock-In, I fell into what seemed like a coma, that’s how deeply I conked out. She explained that that was natural at first, given my state of fatigue, but that I would soon be more in control.

I tried it some more and within a week, I had a whole new routine for my once sleepless nights. I would take the baby, kiss my wife and daughter goodnight as they settled in for their evening cuddle time together, and go out to the living room. I’d put Quiet Joy on endless loop, and settle my son close to me while I did evening chores and wind-down activities. Then, I’d get both of us ready for bed and lay back with him in my recliner, baby boy on my chest, secure in a sling. I would do a deep Heart Lock-In, radiating love and appreciation for my family—my wife, daughter, and son—and he and I would both drift off.

He’d wake up a time or two in the night, needing a bottle or change. But I wasn’t a sleepwalking zombie anymore. The Heart Lock-In helped me gain an entirely new approach to sleeplessness, and in fact, to life. I’m not kidding—it changed everything for me. My wife and daughter are regaining their balance and I have hope that things will level out for our family again, in a new and better way. I’m more productive in my new business, too. Hard to believe one simple technique could help accomplish all this. But that’s the Heart Lock-In for you!”

Warm Regards,