Employees more concerned about workload and time pressure than money or job security

One would think that during an economic recession American workers would be stressed about keeping their jobs or taking a pay cut, but a recent survey suggests that a bigger source of anxiety is unmanageable workloads and a lack of time, according to Work+Life Fit Reality Check.

The findings indicate that an estimated 29 percent of employees are worried that they have too much work to finish and not enough time to complete it, while 21 percent of surveyed workers said they were concerned about reduced pay and just 16 percent reported fears of job loss.

“Organizations and employees must move forward together, taking a hard look at what, how, when and where work is best performed; how technology can support – not overwhelm – that work; and why they should champion flexibility as an operational and financial tool,” said the company’s CEO Cali Williams Yost.

A total of 637 employees were surveyed by phone, with the majority reporting that a lack of work-life flexibility can affect health, morale, productivity, focus, company loyalty or creativity.

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