Employees give feedback on wellness programs

A survey conducted by research company Harris Interactive and Principal Financial Group suggests that workers recognize the health value of employee wellness programs to reduce their healthcare costs and boost their performance.

Among the employees surveyed, 43 percent said they participate in their company’s wellness programs for the physical benefits, one-third said they do it to save money on healthcare and about 31 percent said they hoped to extend their life expectancy.

When asked about benefits of employee wellness programs, 43 percent of staffers said they believe the programs are motivating and 28 percent reported fewer days of work missed due to stress and illness.

Survey authors also said that the number of workers taking advantage of wellness programs has increased by 25 percent since last year. This could be due to growing knowledge regarding risks for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, and the growing cost of health insurance.

Results of the survey suggest that workers may be more receptive than ever when it comes to employee wellness programs. Now may be the perfect time for organizations to implement the programs to reduce workplace stress, strengthen employee performance and cut back on employee health benefit costs.

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