5 Tips to be Your own Heart Hero

Make yourself a priority too.

How often do you do something nurturing for yourself? For many people, they may struggle to do it even once a month. Recognize that building our inner resilience requires self-care. How about making “you” a priority starting now?

Call on your inner heart hero to make it happen. Make a commitment to do at least one nurturing activity a week to care for yourself. More would be better but your inner heart hero will appreciate this as a starting point!

Give yourself a break!

We really can be hard on ourselves. Instead, use your hero power to trade negative self-talk for a little self-kindness. Whether it’s a quick passing criticism or an ongoing dialogue that’s negative – they both use precious energy that could go towards something productive.

Here’s an example how to replace the down slants – if the negative thought is, “I’m so stupid; I should know how to do this by now.” Stop the thought and replace it with a positive, compassionate message such as, “I’m still learning how to do this. No worries, I’ll get it down soon.” One week of genuine practice with this can give a real boost to our self-worth, and you’ll have yourself to appreciate for it.

Match Body and Mind.

Through science and technology you can now easily learn how to make changes to your mental and physical state. The mind and body is so interconnected that even our heart rhythms reflect what we’re feeling.

Learning to intentionally shift your heart rhythms to what is called a coherent pattern, can help to increase the amount of inner peace and ease you experience – and who couldn’t use a little more of that! The Inner Balance® and the emWave2® devices are tools to teach you how. They’re a proven method for minimizing stress and increasing personal resilience.

Create a Positive Self-Mantra.

This simple exercise can help maintain the awareness of something you want to change. Choose a simple short phrase; repeat it to yourself every day. Do it when you’re getting ready in the morning or when you’re driving. Do it to replace the old negative self-talk that want to occupy your quiet spaces. Create a mantra that really speaks to the emotional experience of what you want to create inside. A mantra might be something like:

  • I am loving and kind towards myself first. Then I have more I can give to others.
  • I do not take things personally. I am secure in myself.
  • I know I am of value. I don’t require others to enforce this for me.
  • I appreciate myself for all that I am and all that I am becoming.

Let it go!

You’ve likely heard this before – let the small stuff go. Sure certain things can trigger all of us and ignite the mind on a fiery tangent. Whether it’s something someone said, or something someone did or didn’t do. When this happens ask your inner hero is this worth my energy and time? Is mulling this over helping me become a better person? When you can’t quite shake it off consider taking a heart-focus break.

Use the Quick Coherence technique to realign with your authentic heart – your inner hero. If there truly is something that needs addressed, you’ll be glad your inner hero chose to shift the reaction first so you could have more of a neutral position in your approach.

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