4 Ways to Reset Your Resilience Starting Today

Resilience is something we develop and need to nurture on a regular basis. Take a few days and focus on one of the traits in this short list. Then do the same with another trait and so on. You can also use this list to inspire and write your own list. The intention is to give focus and time to each trait as a way of nurturing the attributes that keep us resilient.

See the humor in life.

Some people are very good at finding humor in certain circumstances that might otherwise be quite frustrating. Practicing the lighter side can help us to not take ourselves too seriously. Good-natured humor can help us move through stressful moments with a little more ease.

Turn mistakes into lessons, not failures.

To get the most out of a mistake see it as a learning opportunity. Look for what you can take-away from each situation and how it can help you improve yourself.

Move beyond the intimidation.

Choose to move beyond the intimidation of an obstacle. As we learn to draw on our heart’s intuitive intelligence we can refine our skills for navigating difficult situations with increased confidence. Rather than succumbing to a hurdle, use your heart’s intuitive intelligence to find creative solutions.

Keep calm and carry on.

Practice holding the attitude of calm clarity so that you’re ready when situations turn hectic. The ability to manage our emotions and remain calm under pressure is not only an attribute of resilience but also of heart coherence. Learning to create heart coherence facilitates mental clarity and inner calm.