3 Tips to Develop More Acceptance

Learning to practice acceptance with the small stuff can help build resilience and establish flexibility as a familiar attitude and approach towards life.

1: Be kinder with yourself.

One of the areas many people have difficulty with is self-acceptance. Whether it’s being judgmental about our body type, our weaknesses or our personality, we’re often our worst critic. One way to start easing up on our self is to be aware of our inner dialogue. Replace negative self-talk with new, positive inner messages, adding a compassionate attitude like you would use with someone you love.

Learn more about holding positive attitudes with our self, including self-care and self-compassion in the new book Heart Intelligence.

2: Ask yourself this important question.

Ask yourself “is thinking about this over and over going to change anything?”. Situations like leaving a laptop at the airport or dropping a cell phone into a water-filled sink can cause us to run a mental loop of unproductive review. How could I do this? Where was my head? It is normal to have some emotional upset, frustration or even self-blame, but after the initial shock, and once we realize what’s done is done, that’s when it’s time to let it go.

Moving into acceptance can help us regroup and start focusing our energy towards a creative, forward moving solution. If you find it difficult to shift the energy away from the mental review, you can use the Quick Coherence® Technique to assist you.

3: Building heart coherence can increase our ability to flex.

With life come inconveniences, like a scheduling mistake at the dentist that leaves us having to reschedule. It can be tempting to assign blame towards someone or something. While the encounter can be frustrating, the quicker we can move towards acceptance the sooner we can resolve the issue. Venting to the clerk usually doesn’t lead to a quick resolution. Instead ask yourself, what can I do to solve the problem or where can I focus my energy more productively?

Exercising acceptance with these kinds of mishaps includes having patience and latitude with others and ourselves. Practices that increase our heart coherence, like those learned from the emWave2® and Inner Balance™ Transformation Systems, can help us increase our emotional flexibility and our ability to handle inconveniences more gracefully.

Use these simple tips and the suggested tools to connect with your heart intelligence and gain a deeper understanding about acceptance and other qualities of resilience.

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